Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire loss in Echo Park

This home built in 1922 suffered a fire caused by the electrical. The entire home was affected. On the left side you can see the fire soot on the walls, the cei... READ MORE

Rebuild of a Fire Damaged Kitchen in Highland Park

This smoky kitchen was the result of a dryer fire. We completely removed all porous materials due to the smoke penetration, cleaned the framing of the structure... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Silver Lake Home

Fire damage at this Silver Lake Home started as an electrical fire in a ceiling light fixture. The attic area immediately surrounding the light fixture sustaine... READ MORE

Echo Park Lint Causing Fire

Clogged lint vents cause a significant percentage of fires in Echo Park and other areas of the country. Internal filters should be cleaned after each cycle. The... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Silver Lake Home

Fire damage at this Silver Lake Home was the result of an electrical arc in the wiring in the attic. Some stored items caught fire and began the blaze. The fire... READ MORE

Los Angeles Fire Damaged Home

The dryer in the utility room adjacent to the kitchen in this Los Angeles home caught fire. The lint in the trap and blocked exhaust duct ignited and wreaked ha... READ MORE

Silver Lake Suffers Smoke Damage in a Bathroom

When creams and lotions burn, the combusted sooty material is oily, sticky, and leaves a thick residue. This bathroom in Silver Lakes illustrates the mess left ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Los Angeles Home

Fire damage to this Los Angeles home was overwhelming to the homeowners. SERVPRO was called in to clean up the water and fire damage. The water damage was from ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Silver Lake Laundry Room

Fire damage at this Silver Lake home began in the laundry room when the dryer and contents caught on fire. SERVPRO was called in to remediate the damage which i... READ MORE