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Mold Removal for a Los Angeles Eatery

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in window If your business is overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Keeps Los Angeles Restaurants Running During Mold Remediation

Recently, the owners of a local Los Angeles restaurant noticed the telltale signs of black mold and sought assistance remediating it. This was when they enlisted the help of SERVPRO, a company skilled at black mold damage repairs. 

Upon encountering foul odors and discolored drywall and ceiling panels, the restaurateurs realized that their Los Angeles establishment had mold damage. SERVPRO, once contacted, quickly arrived on the scene and determined that the fungal issue was the result of a roof leak. In performing their work, our skilled technicians:

  • Performed a complete mold inspection on the business using visual methods, moisture sensors/meters, and infrared cameras
  • Completed mold removal, including attic mold removal, services by disposing of severely impacted materials, treating other affected surfaces with antimicrobials, and drying interior air with air movers, dehumidifiers, and Injectidry systems
  • Deodorized the restaurant with high-tech foggers that use EPA-approved deodorants 

With all that said, if you think your business has suffered mold damage, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for an inspection or remediation services.

Where Can I Find Los Angeles Area House Fire Clean Up?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out fire SERVPRO has the training, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition after a fire. Call us right away.

SERVPRO Provides Los Angeles Properties with Excellent Fire Damage Restoration.

As most Angelenos know, our area is especially prone to wildfires and their damaging effects. Therefore, local homeowners should always remain mindful of this potential threat and know whom to call when disaster strikes.

SERVPRO, a company specializing in water & fire damage restorations in Los Angeles, is a good service to call when your home is impacted by a fire. We are skilled at all aspects of fire restoration, including smoke damage remediation and house fire cleanup. Some of the innovative methods our trained experts employ are:

  • Neutralizing smelly smoke particles with ozone machines and air scrubbers
  • Eliminating odors and sanitizing ductwork with HVAC cleaning systems
  • Wiping heavy soiling from fragile surfaces with the peroxide active cleaning technique
  • Removing hard residues from surfaces via abrasive methods
  • Cleaning up non-greasy residues with dry cleaning sponges
  • Using wet cleaning methods to remove oily residues from metal, wood, and paint

So, remember, if you ever need fire damage restoration, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park at (213) 628-2000.

What Company Provides Emergency Water Damage Services in Los Angeles?

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Day or Night, SERVPRO Can Arrive for Water Damage Emergencies in your area. Just call (213) 628-2000 for Assistance.

SERVPRO Offers Los Angeles Commercial Properties Water Damage Remediation. 

Water-related issues have often impacted Los Angeles businesses without much or any warning at all. These have been caused by a wide array of unfortunate circumstances and have sometimes resulted from one of California’s infamous earthquakes. Simple everyday leaks to appliance or container failures are common culprits of local commercial water damage. However, on numerous occasions, earthquakes have either caused or exacerbated water-related problems and damage. With that said, there are some key ways area business owners can protect themselves from these destructive threats.

Common Causes of Water Damage

In order to better address their predicament, local business operators must know the source of their problem. Recently, more often than not, it has been found that Los Angeles commercial water damage has been caused by one or more of the following issues:

  • Pipe leaks or ruptures, sometimes resulting from or worsened by seismic activity
  • Malfunctioning commercial appliances that produce water leaks and standing water
  • Accidentally activated sprinkler or fire prevention systems that spray water everywhere
  • Corroded water containers or those overturned by earthquakes

These unfortunate occurrences have spelled disaster for several area businesses that have not properly addressed them in a timely manner.

Ways Local Business Owners Have Attempted to Avoid Suffering Waterborne Issues

Fortunately, many Los Angeles area businesses have learned how to avoid or, at least, lessen their odds of suffering the worse water-related damage. Some of the many things they have tried include:

  • Retrofitting their facilities and appliances with mechanisms to make them more resistant to the effects of earthquakes
  • Performing routine maintenance on their buildings and equipment to counteract the effects of wear and tear
  • Having their businesses and appliances periodically inspected by professionals so that potential issues can be prevented
  • Turning off their water utility during periods of seismic activity
  • Using mold-resistance building materials and furnishings 

These efforts have saved these owners both time and money, enabling them to avoid time-consuming and costly repairs. At the same time, they have helped keep businesses open even in the aftermath of locally devastating earthquakes, which has been extremely beneficial for owners and area residents. 

While no amount of preparation is going to protect you from all potential water damage, your neighborhood SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park is a water damage restoration company that can handle these problems. Call us anytime at (213) 628-2000 for assistance.

Los Angeles Water Damage Restoration Companies Like SERVPRO Are Full-Service.

As experienced industry professionals, SERVPRO offers and is highly experienced in performing a wide range of water damage-related services. The following are just some of the services we offer to our commercial customers:

  • Professional inspections to locate potential issues before they become major problems
  • Water removal services
  • Basement flooding cleanup
  • Water damage repairs
  • Antimicrobial and deodorizing fogging that eliminates harmful microbes and unpleasant smells

Unlike other water damage restoration companies, your local SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park can expertly perform all the services necessary to return your home to its pre-water event condition in record time. With this in mind, call us at (213) 628-2000 whenever you need help.

What Type of Cleaning Products Are Used After a Fire?

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

smoke damage on kitchen wall and cabinets This fire was confined to the kitchen,but smoke and soot traveled through out the home. SERVPRO is ready to come to the rescue!

SERVPRO Uses Professional Cleaning Product to Mitigate Fire Dame in Boyle Heights

A fire can be intense and destroy the entire home, or it can be quickly contained but still cause problems. Smoke and soot travel rapidly through the building, settling in the tiniest of cracks. Many people are surprised at what can be restored, as they think it is automatically a loss if it is damaged.

Fire Cleanup Experts

When a residence suffers fire damage in Boyle Heights, our technicians first perform a scope of the home to determine the best mitigation options. Water extraction is primary, as is the removal of unsalvageable items. Then the cleaning and restoration begin. We use these products to clean and restore everything possible:

  • Dry Cleaning Solvents– We use this in our Ultimate Dry Cleaning Machine for dry cleaning of drapes and fabrics with light soiling.
  • Volatile Dry Solvents- This evaporates fast and leaves no residue. It is used as a spotting agent but also as a lubricant to remove soot and smoke residue.
  • Wood Oil Soaps– Mild detergents used to clean cabinets, wood, floors, and paneling. Excellent for walls, leather, vinyl, and ceramics too.
  • Furniture Polishes – Used on everything from furniture to appliances to clean and restore.
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners– We use various pre-treatments and shampoos, depending on the situation. 

For fire damage services in Boyle Heights, contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000.  

Is Floodwater a Biohazard?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

storm clouds with lightning Storms do happen in Southern California. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to remediate any damage that happens to your home.

Flood damage in Los Angeles can Bring Contaminated Waters into a Home, but SERVPRO can Mitigate the Problem Safely

Coastal cities such as Los Angeles can experience flooding any time of the year. With the sea rise level increasing annually, storms and flooding occur more often and are more intense. Floodwaters create a biohazardous situation that requires professional intervention. 

What Creates A Biohazard Incidence?

When a home experiences flood damage in Los Angeles, it brings contaminated water into the building. These waters are teeming with microbes, and it is vital to understand the dangers. Microbes are living organisms that can pollute our air and water. SERVPRO deals with three main types:

  • Fungi – Multicell organism that digests materials to get the nutrients they need. Mold is a type of fungi.
  • Bacteria– Like fungi, bacteria absorb surrounding material to get nutrients but are single-cell organisms.
  • Viruses– Simple microbes that grow, multiply, and cause disease in living things.

While microbes are vital to the ecosystem, they can become a threat under certain conditions. Floodwaters are the perfect environment for a biohazard threat involving microbes. Homeowners should never attempt to clean up contaminated water on their own. 

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park has trained, certified biohazard technicians who have the experience and the proper equipment to mitigate flood damage in Los Angeles. Call us today at (213) 628-2000 for more information.

Homeowners Depend on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in water damaged hallway Water damage? It's no problem for SERVPRO!

SERVPRO’s Water Restoration Companies are Committed to Serving the Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles is a sprawling city that has grown over the years as smaller cities and towns have merged with it. It is a city full of history, dating back to the 1500s when Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo explored the area on behalf of Spain. Native Americans were dwelling in the area at that time. Today, visitors to the City of Angels can enjoy exploring the many landmarks throughout the city.

The Hollywood Sign

One of the most famous landmarks is the Hollywood sign. While today, it is a cultural icon, it was initially an advertisement for a local real estate agency and was only meant to be temporary. The letters are 45 feet tall and are 350 feet long. The sign said “Hollywoodland” to begin with, and it is located in Griffith Park. Sightseers can hike up and get a closer look at this iconic symbol. 

Griffith Observatory

If you visit the famous Hollywood sign, you might want to stop in and check out the Griffith Observatory. The view is stunning from this location. You can see downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean depending on the direction you are looking. Admission is free to this space and science-dedicated museum. The 12-inch Zeiss refracting telescope has had more people look through it than any other telescope in the world.

USS Iowa – BB-61

For those curious about military history, the USS Iowa is a great place to spend an afternoon. Here are some facts about this magnificent ship:

  • 4th ship to be named after the state of Iowa
  • Last lead ship of any class of US battleships
  • Only vessel in her class, during World War II, that served in the Atlantic
  • She took part in the Korean War
  • Decommissioned in 1990 following 19 years of active service 

The Getty Villa

This museum is dedicated to the ancient cultures of:

  • Greece
  • Rome
  • Etruria

It is one of two locations owned by the J. Paul Getty Museum. It is a fascinating place to visit with 44,00 ancient artifacts dating back to 6,500 BC. The villa in Los Angeles was inspired by the Villa of the Papyri and is stunning. There are four gardens at the Getty Villa, which have plants grown by the ancient Romans. Each plot has a different theme, including an herb garden. The Getty Villa is something that should be on everyone’s sightseeing list when in Los Angeles.

Lots to See and Do in Los Angeles

Whether you are visiting for the first time or living in Los Angeles, there is so much to do. There are historical landmarks, parks, and cultural exhibits, and the variety of restaurants is endless. 

SERVPRO Serves the Los Angeles Area

Water restoration companies are nothing new in California. But when you need water damage mitigation, you do not want just any company. You want one who knows their job and will treat your home like it was their own. That is where SERVPRO comes into the picture. We have satisfied customers to prove it. Our clients know:

  • They can depend on us to respond rapidly to any crisis.
  • We can handle any size water damage cleanup.
  • We know what it is like to be a homeowner.
  • We have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.
  • We leave their home, “Like it never even happened.”

If you want professionals who go above and beyond when you need help with a water intrusion, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000.

Can You Use Bleach for Mold Removal in Los Angeles?

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

a person peeling back wallpaper to reveal a layer of mold Did you see or smell mold in your home? Contact SERVPRO technicians for mold damage remediation services.

Better leave mold cleanup to Los Angeles experts

If you have fungal growth in your home, it is natural to want to deal with it right away.

It is best to get help with Los Angeles mold removal sooner rather than later. The fungus can cause all kinds of damage, including:

  • Structural damage to wooden floors or beams.
  • Breaking down of drywall and insulation.
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper.
  • Damage to upholstery, textiles, and paper items.

Bleach is a popular remedy for mold, and many websites will tell you to use it. However, applying bleach is not a good idea and can even make the problem worse.

Bleach can hide the discoloration caused by mold, but it does not tackle its root cause. Many commercial bleach cleaners have high water content and can even provide the moisture mold needs to thrive. If you notice signs of decay in your home, it is better to call SERVPRO right away. We have the tools and techniques required to remediate mold without causing further damage.

For efficient mold removal, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park on (213) 628-2000.

How Does ULV Fogging Help Fire Damage Cleanup for Businesses?

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

yellow caution tape over a burned house Remaining odors after a fire? Contact SERVPRO at (213) 628-2000 today to remediate fire damage issues.

SERVPRO uses ULV misters to make a business smell fresh

One of the most unpleasant after-effects of a fire at your business premises is the smell. Combustion of materials during a blaze causes a buildup of soot and some nasty smoke odors.

SERVPRO has many ways to tackle odors after fire damage to your Los Angeles business. One of the most cost-effective choices is Ultra Low Volume, or ULV, fogging. Foggers can be used to spread cleaning products or disinfectants and are also useful for deodorizing. ULV equipment consists of:

  • A battery or engine to drive the machine.
  • A tank to hold the deodorizing formula.
  • A blower to direct the mist.

The fogging machine turns the liquid in its tank into a fine mist that is easy to direct. ULV is especially good at getting stubborn smells out of furniture and upholstery, leaving your business premises “Like it never even happened.”

Our technicians might combine fogging with a range of other tools such as deodorizing pellets, air scrubbers, and spot cleaners, depending on your business's needs.

If you need help cleaning up fire damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park on (213) 628-2000.

SERVPRO Takes Care of Water Damage Repair in Los Angeles

1/31/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in a home Is your home or business affected by excess water? Call SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services today.

Los Angeles’ Climate is Not Always Dry

When many people think of Los Angeles, they imagine hot beaches and nearby deserts. However, Los Angeles is a lush city filled with gardens, parks, and a wide variety of flora growing wild. From the green oak savannah to the mountain chaparral's thick shrubs, you can see all kinds of things in and around the city.

Step outside your home or holiday rental, and you could find yourself picking a fresh orange or avocado or walking under the beautiful jacaranda blooms.

If you want to enjoy even more local color, you can visit one of the many city gardens, such as:

  • James Irvine Japanese Garden is a stunning traditional Japanese garden built in the style of the famous Zen gardens of Kyoto. You can find the park at the sub level of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Little Tokyo. It is a true urban oasis.
  • Virginia Robinson Garden is six acres of stunning tropical gardens in the heart of Beverly Hills. The Robinson mansion was one of the first homes built in the hills in 1911. The gardens are open to visitors, but you need an appointment.
  • Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is ideal if you want some peace. The garden honors the five major world religions in a peaceful, idyllic space with perfectly manicured gardens and quiet spots to sit and meditate.
  • Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden shows the beauty of native plants and offers advice to anyone wanting to grow their own California garden. As well as 86 acres of native plants and wildlife haven, the gardens also have regular art shows and community events.

Water is good for plants but can cause untold damage to homes

Despite its Mediterranean climate, Los Angeles is no stranger to flooding. In 1938 two Pacific storms hit the city and caused a year's worth of rain in just a few days. The results were catastrophic:

  • $78 million of damage.
  • 115 lives lost.
  • Hundreds of people stranded, and entire communities decimated.

The massive cleanup operation took weeks. The floods also pushed authorities to move forward with a project to encase Los Angeles rivers in concrete, letting flood waters move faster to the sea. The project received emergency federal funding and took several years to complete. As a result, 278 miles of Los Angeles rivers were banked by concrete, reducing the risk of flood damage. Unfortunately, water damage still happens sometimes, and floods do not always cause it. Plumbing problems, leaky roofs or gutters, and broken appliances can cause water damage.

SERVPRO technicians know how to handle water damage

Excellent training is at the heart of the SERVPRO service. We understand that the better informed our technicians are, the more they can help you. To that end:

  • Each Franchise owner undertakes our 15-day training course.
  • All staff members have access to online training in every aspect of remediation.
  • We provide ongoing training to keep our staff up to date.

We carry out all our training to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. The IICRC is the national standard in remediation and restorations practices.

Talk to trained water damage repair teams today - call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park on (213) 628-2000.

Virtual Interpretive Training in Boyle Heights

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

entrance to LA Zoo Avoid Stormy Weather at Your Boyle Heights Business and Call SERVPRO

Increase Personal and Business Skills in Boyle Heights

On Thursday, January 21st, the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) in partnership with the L.A. Zoo and the Community Nature Connection, begins an online Certified Interpretive Guide Training Course. It is designed for individuals with public contact at interpretive sites (i.e., the L.A. Zoo) or delivers interpretive programs on video or for streaming services. The online course includes all of the material available through the face-to-face classroom setting.

Training Options for Boyle Heights Participants

Participants may take the course without obtaining the certificate as a Certified Interpretive Guide or CIG. This option costs $235 and includes all course material, but not the Core Literature Review exam necessary to become a CIG.

The second option includes the exam and costs an additional $150. CIG Certification is for four years and includes a paid, one-year membership in the NAI. For participants who are already NAI members, it will be implemented at the end of their current membership.

Storm season is here, so floodwater removal for Boyle Heights homes may soon be necessary. To schedule a service visit, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake /Echo Park today at (213) 628-2000.