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Specialized Commercial Water Mitigation Services in Los Angeles

1/29/2023 (Permalink)

a flooded office with water covering the floor When water damage affects your business, time is of the essence. Contact SERVPRO for both experienced personnel and the equipment needed for the job.

SERVPRO Can Provide Water Mitigation Services in Los Angeles During Non-Business Hours

In Los Angeles commercial businesses, water leaks and spills seldom occur during regular working hours. But when they do, business operations are brought to a standstill. Clients and employees may need to leave the premises with the commercial business closing. Completing repairs, cleaning contents, drying, and restoring damaged structures must be completed before everyone can return.

Fast response by SERVPRO technicians utilizing water mitigation techniques in Los Angeles commercial buildings can limit the damage and reduce the time your business is offline. 

We are available 24/7 and can be onsite within four hours of your call, including weeknights and weekends.

Every water event presents unique challenges for commercial businesses, employees, and customers. A hotel's entire floor may need to be closed until water cleanup and repairs are completed. Closing showrooms or office areas, while water recovery and drying are underway is often required. Employees in business offices may need to work from home while we remove carpets and renovate offices after a water event.

SERVPRO technicians utilize the appropriate equipment to extract excess water, air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry the commercial space before additional damage is caused. Mitigating water damage involves fast response and immediate action to protect the contents and structure from the effects of water on porous materials.

Water mitigation efforts and fast-applied action by SERVPRO can limit the total damage caused by a water leak. For example:

  • Water Damage Demolition of drywall and flooring structures
  • Reduction in the damage to paint and wallpaper
  • Damage to showroom contents, furniture, or office items

Call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park for commercial water mitigation services. We provide service to Los Angeles and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (213) 628-2000.

If Your Los Angeles Supplies Showroom Experiences A Water Damage Disaster Call Our Experts

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

a yellow sticky note that says "need help?" If water damage strikes your showroom, you need to get it back up and running quickly. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for certified technicians and equipment.

Unique Aspects Of Commercial Water Cleanup In Your Los Angeles Supplies Showroom

A typical day at a supplies showroom involves a considerable level of cleaning to keep the items on display in top condition for the clients who might visit. A water spill can ruin all the effort you put in cleaning and polishing the items every day. It might also damage some of the items, particularly if you deal with furniture or electronics. Apart from your efforts, you can involve a professional to clean up the mess.

Each case of commercial water cleanup in affected Los Angeles showrooms is different because it depends on how the spilled water soils various contents and parts of the structure. If the source of the leak is at a high point such as a burst pipe in the ceiling, the water might spray dust and other loose debris to contents in the room. If it takes long before you notice the water spill, stains from dissolving dyes or resins in furniture, upholstery or other items in your showroom can complicate the cleanup process. Our SERVPRO team has members certified in different Fields including WRT, Water Damage Restoration Technicians, and RRRP, Lead-Based Paint Activities, and Renovation experts who can deal with various situations that arise after a water loss.

Water spills create various hazards for members of your staff and clients that visit your showroom during the incident. If your showroom has one of those highly polished floors, people can easily slip and fall when water pools around. Water splashing on items that you are displaying in the showroom might also damage them. Our SERVPRO technicians observe high safety standards when cleaning up your water-damaged showroom. We set wet floor signs and other warnings to help people avoid slippery surfaces. We also evaluate the soiled areas to determine where to use cleaning equipment such as pressure washers and where to clean by hand to avoid damaging your valuable items.

Removing standing water and drying any wet materials helps finish the cleanup process after a spill. Our SERVPRO technicians use wet-vacs or track-mounted water extractors in case of significant spills. We also have a variety of drying equipment, including LGR dehumidifiers and high-speed air movers to finish the job.

To restore your showroom to its preloss state after a water spill, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park to help. You can reach us anytime at (213) 628-2000. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Professional Tips for Commercial Mold Remediation in Los Angeles

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

a person peeling back wallpaper to reveal a layer of mold underneath Finding mold in your hotel can cause a multitude of problems. Contact SERVPRO and our technicians will make it “Like it never even happened.”

How to Remediate Commercial Mold Damage in Your Los Angeles Hotel

Most travelers peruse popular hotel reviews and booking websites before they make their lodging reservations. Unfortunately, if your Los Angeles hotel has hundreds of positive reviews and a few negative ones, the potential guests can concentrate on the few poor testimonials. Your hotel may get negative reviews on account of visible signs of mold or smelly rooms.

Commercial mold damage in your Los Angeles hotel is a serious issue that you must deal with to avoid complaints or even claims from guests. Mold can put the well-being of staff and guests at risk because it causes health effects. To handle mold problems, you can take the following steps:

  • Have a competent industrial hygienist complete a mold test to determine the affected areas and the toxicity level of the mold.
  • Do not touch the mold without appropriate safety equipment. Besides, do not disturb the mold because this could cause mold spores to spread to other areas of your hotel.
  • When you receive the test results, call a professional mold remediation firm such as SERVPRO to remove the mold safely and completely.

Once you contact us, our team can conduct a moisture and mold assessment quickly and efficiently. We can provide you with expert recommendations for a complete restoration, eliminate all surface and airborne mold, and put several measures in place to prevent further recurrence of the problem.

Our restorers, trained in specialized mold detection methods, know where molds can hide. Molds can grow in locations where moisture, the right temperature, and a food source are present. They thrive in moist environments created by slow leaks, floods, broken pipes, or high humidity. Molds feed on organic materials in a building like drywall, wood, natural fibers, and insulation. In hotel rooms, molds can grow in the following locations:

  • Inside gypsum wall cavities in the ensuite
  • Plasterboards
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Wallpaper
  • Mattresses
  • Tiles Grout

Our SERVPRO crew has mold remediation strained and detailed instruction in the right procedure for handling mold claims. After identifying the affected surfaces, we can use several containment procedures to prevent the mold from spreading into uncontaminated areas, protect the occupants and staff at your hotel from being exposed to contaminants and manage airflow from clean to contaminated areas.

Our technicians can use antimicrobial and antifungal treatments to eliminate mold colonies and prevent new ones from forming. We can also remove contaminated porous materials if necessary. Our team can also clean and sanitize restorable items that mold has affected. If there is a moldy scent, we can use fogging equipment to remove it. After completing the mold remediation process, your hotel and its contents can return to their preloss condition so you can continue enjoying high occupancy rates and five-star reviews on hotel booking sites.

Hotels are supposed to maintain high standards of safety and hygiene to remain in business. If mold is present in your hotel, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park for thorough mold remediation. You can reach us at (213) 628-2000.

Rapid Mold Remediation from Los Angeles Shops

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

mold in room; ceiling tile removed Does your business have mold damage? Call SERVPRO!

Specific Mold Remediation Solutions Suit Los Angeles Boutiques

Because mold can be an underappreciated danger to your home or business, it is essential to appreciate how destructive these microbial threats can be. Developing colonies feed on organic matter, degrading hosting materials and causing a need for widespread build-back and recovery services. Our remediation solution involves a range of actions, including:

  • Moisture control
  • Cleaning
  • Odor removal
  • Mold remediation

Where is the Mold Damage? 

Before mold remediation in Los Angeles shops can begin and be successful, an inspection must occur to determine where the mold damage exists and the best removal solution to overcome these present organisms. Where the organisms live can directly impact how aggressive remediation measures can be and if your business can remain open in some capacity. At the same time, cleanup and mold removal tactics get underway in a designated area.

Is Mold on Wares and Products? 

A thorough inspection of the property can help determine what wares and inventory within your shop have become damaged or affected by mold colonies in the vicinity. Even if these items have not become hosts for the spreading organism, secondary effects like harsh malodors can damage elements like clothing or soft materials.

Are Materials Unsalvageable?

It is essential to determine whether or not affected hosting materials can be protected and salvaged before introducing significant measures to overcome present mold damage. In some instances, removing and discarding hosting materials impacted by aggressive mold colonies is more cost-effective than attempting to remediate these organisms.

When you believe mold threatens your boutique, you need to act quickly to resolve active colonies and prevent more significant harm to your inventory and structure. Our remediation specialists are available to help anytime. You can reach our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park technicians 24/7 at (213) 628-2000.  

Count on SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles Commercial Properties

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

casino gambling table, chips Bet on SERVPRO to limit the risk of water damage in Los Angeles casinos and hotels, and other commercial properties, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO's Speedy Response Minimizes Hotel Closures from Water Damage

Los Angeles is known for its beautiful resorts, and keeping tourists from worldwide is not an easy task. Hotels and casinos employ thousands of people to keep operations running smoothly. Water damage in any commercial setting can throw everything off balance, but in a hotel or casino setting, a less-than-happy clientele can create a profit loss that continues for months.

The fun might happen in Los Angeles, but when commercial water damage is the root of tourists' negative reviews on social media, it can take months of positive feedback to undo the damage. It is better to avoid negative reviews in the first place. SERVPRO can help quickly restore areas of a hotel that have been damaged by water. Bookings can be switched to fill other areas of your hotel that are undamaged while we work and the affected area cordoned off. We know how to work around our customers' clients so that they only have a positive experience while visiting your hotel or casino.

Other ways by which water damage can affect profits are through the rusting of machinery in games. When these fail to function properly, authorities can not only pull them from the floor, but they can also confiscate these expensive pieces of equipment. Regular maintenance might not be sufficient to completely restore all of your equipment to the standards imposed by regulations. We can remove any rust that is creating a problem and smooth out any warped wooden areas.

People from all over the world come to you for a quality vacation or spectacular celebration of a life event. SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park can assist you in creating the memories your guests desire by removing water damaged areas of your hotel and restoring affected machinery to working condition again. Give us a call at (323) 255-1000 when you need us, and we can begin working within the hour.

Calls for Los Angeles Warehouse Flood Damage

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

warehouse, forklift Rely on SERVPRO to respond to your storm damaged warehouse in Los Angeles to rescue the inventory, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO’s Commercial Flood Damage Helps Los Angeles Business Owners

Warehouses, by nature, are mammoth structures made to hold copious amounts of inventory and products. For many items stored, the value may be astronomical. However, there might be a time when you have some flooding situation that causes significant upheaval in your daily processes. Having SERVPRO there as water mitigation specialists will help you to ensure you lessen the fallout at your Los Angeles warehouse.

The unfortunate truth about commercial flood damage in a Los Angeles warehouse is that some cases make it where the leak or water intrusion goes undetected for a long time. Without full-time staff or regular inspections, you could leave yourself vulnerable to water damage, mold growth, and loss of inventory.

How Flooding Impacts Your Warehouse

The structure of your warehouse may be affected in many ways. For example:

  • You could have a leaking roof from storms that could lead to a partial or total collapse if not addressed.
  • Standing water left to fester can lead to structural damage that compromises safety.
  • When moisture is on the rise within the building, there is the chance that mildew and black mold could develop.
  • Floodwater may also impact your HVAC or electrical wiring systems, adding to cost and overall dangers for your staff.

Whether your business encounters a tropical storm or interior flood damage, SERVPRO is there for water removal services, drying, and controlled demolition. We also consider your warehouse inventory as a way to salvage whatever is possible. Depending on your needs, we also set up exterior staging areas to evaluate contents, take inventory of everything, and either store at our facility or set items up for detailed cleaning.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park is there when you require commercial flood damage assistance at your warehouse. Give us a call at (213) 628-2000 any time of the day, and we can mobilize a team to your door to begin evaluations.

Commercial Water Cleanup In Los Angeles

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

water leaking from the pipes under a sink Pipe breaks on your commercial property need to be mitigated urgently. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and cleanup. We are here 24/7 - 365 days.

Commercial Water Cleanup In Los Angeles Often Requires Using A Rusticide Product

If a pipe inside the restroom of your office complex in Los Angeles breaks, it could cause hundreds of gallons of water to pour into the interior of your building. Once your contents and building materials located inside your office start to get wet, it is wise to have commercial water cleanup conducted by a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. Our skilled specialists are available 24/7, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Water Removal Services

Our team at SERVPRO knows that a significant part of any commercial water cleanup project in Los Angeles is restoring wet carpets. As soon as water leaks out of a pipe, it follows gravity and heads straight to your office's floors. Moisture can cause the paper backing to separate from your carpet's fiber and ruin the flooring material. Carpets and other floor coverings can also trap moisture inside your office complex's subfloor, which can help mold grow on your wooden subfloor and the paper backing on your carpet. Moisture can also cause carpets to stain by rust, and the fibers can hold in mildew-like odors.

When dealing with wet carpets at your place of business, our SERVPRO crew always conducts a standard set of procedures. If we think the carpet can be saved, we start by extracting as much water as possible while it is still a liquid using a heavy-duty extractor. We then set up drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out your wet carpet and other building materials. Lastly, we can clean all of your carpets using an industrial carpet cleaner to help eliminate staining and foul odors.

If any of your metal desks or chairs caused rust staining on your carpets, we could deal with these stains during the carpet cleaning process. We can eliminate many rust stains by using a chemical product called pesticide. Rusticide is an oxalic-phosphoric acid solution that removes rust stains from fabrics, synthetic fibers, and carpets. Rusticide is a very strong acid solution and has a pH of 1.8-2.2.

To use rusticide, we apply it to the stains before carpet cleaning takes place. We apply the product to the affected spots and then agitate the areas with a bone scraper. Scrubbing the stain can make the rust quickly fade away. After the spot has been pre-treated with the rusticide solution, we clean and rinse the carpets.

If you ever have an unexpected water leak at your office complex, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 24/7.

Keeping Your Los Angeles Building Secure During Commercial Wildfire Damage Cleanup

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

closeup of large wildfire Commercial wildfire damage can shut your business down. SERVPRO stands ready to handle your fire damage restoration needs.

Let us Help you Get Your Los Angeles Building Secure After a Fire

Wildfires are an unfortunate event that happens across California, causing property owners billions in claimed damages. It is tough to turn around the damage, but with professional help, you can get the best possible outcome in this type of adverse situation.

In Los Angeles, commercial wildfire damage requires fast action. With the recent El Sereno fires, residents got a slight reprieve in that the winds did not pick up, and the fire did not spread as fast as many wildfires have in the past. However, evacuations happened, and that leaves properties unattended.

Security Fences

As soon as it is safe to do so, SERVPRO technicians put up protective barriers around the property to halt unauthorized persons from entering the premises. It is a sad fact that there are individuals who risk their safety to take advantage of unoccupied structures during fire evacuations, and a secured perimeter is an excellent first line of defense.

Cleanup is the First Step

Wildfire is a high heat blaze and moves slowly, leaving destruction in its wake. SERVPRO technicians carefully inspect both the structure and contents to determine if their equipment and cleaning methods can return the fire damaged items to their pre-damage condition. Technicians utilize containment on-site to limit cross-contamination and remove valuable and restorable items to a secure location for storage and cleaning in some cases.

Odor Control Applications

Before any reconstruction occurs, the property must be odor-free. This may involve actions such as using sealants on salvageable walls to stop pungent odors from embedded soot or the use of equipment such as air scrubbers or hydroxyl generators to capture and neutralize airborne particulates. If the ductwork remains intact, it may require cleaning before reuse.

Quick Rebuilding is Crucial

The building must be safe to reopen for business. Repairs and reconstructions are a standard part of fire damage cleanup. Charred and smoke-damaged building materials require removal. SERVPRO has a general contractor license #999460 and handles not only the cleanup and restoration but any needed rebuilding necessary for the organization to resume business as usual.

Commercial wildfire damage can shut your business down. Contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for fire damage cleanup and restoration. The certified technicians work hard to return your property to its pre-fire condition, "Like it never even happened."

Our Professionals Discuss Carpet Spot Removal Procedures in Los Angeles

10/8/2021 (Permalink)

closeup view of carpet on office floor Water loss events easily damage and stain carpet. SERVPRO has the drying tools and cleaners to restore your carpet.

Commercial Water Cleanup Technicians in Los Angeles Discuss Carpet Spot Removal Procedures

If any type of water pipe ever breaks inside your Los Angeles sales office, the moisture can cause many problems with your carpet. Any time we conduct commercial water cleanup, our SERVPRO crew starts by inspecting your carpet for damage. Depending on how long moisture has been leaking, a large area of your carpets could get saturated. When carpet gets wet, its fibers can pull away from its paper backing, ruining its structural integrity.

Water Cleanup

In most situations, the pad underneath your carpet must be removed. However, if it is possible during your commercial water cleanup project in Los Angeles, we save your carpet and pad. If the problem is noticed soon enough, we can sometimes remove all moisture from your carpets using extraction and drying procedures. During the extraction phase, we use heavy-duty extractors and specialized tools to compress your carpet and pad to remove as much moisture as possible. Then, we can "float" your carpets by putting an air mover underneath them to create airflow on your carpet's backside and your subflooring material.

In many situations, even if the source of the leak inside your sales headquarters is a clean water pipe, your carpet can get stained after it is dried out. After our SERVPRO team removes all of the moisture from your carpet and puts it back together, we conduct cleaning procedures. To help remove dark stains, we often conduct spot removal procedures as a part of the fabric cleansing process.

The first step to spot removal is to remove as much of the material that caused the stain as possible. Next, we figure out what type of substance caused the stain. Sometimes other stains from other substances besides water could be present.

Once we know what caused the stain, we then figure out what type of fibers make up your office carpet. The type of stain and fibers dictate which kind of spot remover we decide to use on your tough stains. Once we pick the best option at our disposal, our SERVPRO technicians apply the remover and let it set. If it is required, we can agitate the stain while the spot remover is soaking into the carpet. Lastly, we steam clean and rinse your carpets once the spot remover has had time to soak into your carpet fibers.

If your sales office in Chinatown, Elysian Park, Boyle Heights, or Silver Lake ever suffers from a pipe break, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How SERVPRO Helps Los Angeles Businesses in Water Damage Repair

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment When the water comes inside, we have the equipment to take it out. Call us today!

Los Angeles Businesses Count on SERVPRO for Water Removal and Restoration

A quick and efficient water damage restoration of your Los Angeles business can save you time as well as money. Professional water damage remediation experts of SERVPRO have years of experience, training, and the right tools to expedite the process. 

Water cleanup, whether due to ceiling leaks, burst pipes, or any other reason, requires meticulous planning to execute. SERVPRO water restoration experts of Los Angeles focus on drying the affected areas as quickly and efficiently to prevent any secondary damage. We use a combination of equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers to accomplish this goal. 

Why SERVPRO Techs use Air Movers During Water Cleanup in Los Angeles businesses? 

Residual moisture can be tricky to eliminate during the water damage remediation process. Air moving equipment can enhance the rate of evaporation and reduce the drying time significantly. Some of the most common types of air moving equipment that SERVPRO techs use in Los Angeles establishments include the following:

  • Centrifugal Air Movers: These work best if air needs to be directed at a specific point. SERVPRO techs use these to introduce dry air into wall cavities and under kitchen cabinets. 
  • Axial Air Movers: These work best when a wider area needs drying after water cleanup

We use positive and negative pressure systems to dry cavities within walls and other hard-to-reach places. 

Call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for a 24/7 service. 

Mold Removal for a Los Angeles Eatery

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in window If your business is overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Keeps Los Angeles Restaurants Running During Mold Remediation

Recently, the owners of a local Los Angeles restaurant noticed the telltale signs of black mold and sought assistance remediating it. This was when they enlisted the help of SERVPRO, a company skilled at black mold damage repairs. 

Upon encountering foul odors and discolored drywall and ceiling panels, the restaurateurs realized that their Los Angeles establishment had mold damage. SERVPRO, once contacted, quickly arrived on the scene and determined that the fungal issue was the result of a roof leak. In performing their work, our skilled technicians:

  • Performed a complete mold inspection on the business using visual methods, moisture sensors/meters, and infrared cameras
  • Completed mold removal, including attic mold removal, services by disposing of severely impacted materials, treating other affected surfaces with antimicrobials, and drying interior air with air movers, dehumidifiers, and Injectidry systems
  • Deodorized the restaurant with high-tech foggers that use EPA-approved deodorants 

With all that said, if you think your business has suffered mold damage, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for an inspection or remediation services.

What Company Provides Emergency Water Damage Services in Los Angeles?

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Day or Night, SERVPRO Can Arrive for Water Damage Emergencies in your area. Just call (213) 628-2000 for Assistance.

SERVPRO Offers Los Angeles Commercial Properties Water Damage Remediation. 

Water-related issues have often impacted Los Angeles businesses without much or any warning at all. These have been caused by a wide array of unfortunate circumstances and have sometimes resulted from one of California’s infamous earthquakes. Simple everyday leaks to appliance or container failures are common culprits of local commercial water damage. However, on numerous occasions, earthquakes have either caused or exacerbated water-related problems and damage. With that said, there are some key ways area business owners can protect themselves from these destructive threats.

Common Causes of Water Damage

In order to better address their predicament, local business operators must know the source of their problem. Recently, more often than not, it has been found that Los Angeles commercial water damage has been caused by one or more of the following issues:

  • Pipe leaks or ruptures, sometimes resulting from or worsened by seismic activity
  • Malfunctioning commercial appliances that produce water leaks and standing water
  • Accidentally activated sprinkler or fire prevention systems that spray water everywhere
  • Corroded water containers or those overturned by earthquakes

These unfortunate occurrences have spelled disaster for several area businesses that have not properly addressed them in a timely manner.

Ways Local Business Owners Have Attempted to Avoid Suffering Waterborne Issues

Fortunately, many Los Angeles area businesses have learned how to avoid or, at least, lessen their odds of suffering the worse water-related damage. Some of the many things they have tried include:

  • Retrofitting their facilities and appliances with mechanisms to make them more resistant to the effects of earthquakes
  • Performing routine maintenance on their buildings and equipment to counteract the effects of wear and tear
  • Having their businesses and appliances periodically inspected by professionals so that potential issues can be prevented
  • Turning off their water utility during periods of seismic activity
  • Using mold-resistance building materials and furnishings 

These efforts have saved these owners both time and money, enabling them to avoid time-consuming and costly repairs. At the same time, they have helped keep businesses open even in the aftermath of locally devastating earthquakes, which has been extremely beneficial for owners and area residents. 

While no amount of preparation is going to protect you from all potential water damage, your neighborhood SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park is a water damage restoration company that can handle these problems. Call us anytime at (213) 628-2000 for assistance.

Los Angeles Water Damage Restoration Companies Like SERVPRO Are Full-Service.

As experienced industry professionals, SERVPRO offers and is highly experienced in performing a wide range of water damage-related services. The following are just some of the services we offer to our commercial customers:

  • Professional inspections to locate potential issues before they become major problems
  • Water removal services
  • Basement flooding cleanup
  • Water damage repairs
  • Antimicrobial and deodorizing fogging that eliminates harmful microbes and unpleasant smells

Unlike other water damage restoration companies, your local SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park can expertly perform all the services necessary to return your home to its pre-water event condition in record time. With this in mind, call us at (213) 628-2000 whenever you need help.

How Does ULV Fogging Help Fire Damage Cleanup for Businesses?

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

yellow caution tape over a burned house Remaining odors after a fire? Contact SERVPRO at (213) 628-2000 today to remediate fire damage issues.

SERVPRO uses ULV misters to make a business smell fresh

One of the most unpleasant after-effects of a fire at your business premises is the smell. Combustion of materials during a blaze causes a buildup of soot and some nasty smoke odors.

SERVPRO has many ways to tackle odors after fire damage to your Los Angeles business. One of the most cost-effective choices is Ultra Low Volume, or ULV, fogging. Foggers can be used to spread cleaning products or disinfectants and are also useful for deodorizing. ULV equipment consists of:

  • A battery or engine to drive the machine.
  • A tank to hold the deodorizing formula.
  • A blower to direct the mist.

The fogging machine turns the liquid in its tank into a fine mist that is easy to direct. ULV is especially good at getting stubborn smells out of furniture and upholstery, leaving your business premises “Like it never even happened.”

Our technicians might combine fogging with a range of other tools such as deodorizing pellets, air scrubbers, and spot cleaners, depending on your business's needs.

If you need help cleaning up fire damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park on (213) 628-2000.

Assisting Los Angeles Businesses with Local Disaster Relief Teams

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

seal of the LA city council The Local Los Angeles CIty Council even Relies Upon SERVPRO for water damage mitigation

SERVPRO Provides Rapid Support to Los Angeles Commercial Operations

The Los Angeles City Council meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 am in City Hall’s John Ferraro Council Chamber (Room 340), on 200 N. Spring St. On the first Friday of every other month, however, the City Council gathers at the Van Nuys Civic Center.

The Council is made up of single members elected from every district. The 15 members each serve a four-year term. The President and President Pro Tempore of the Council are elected at the first regular meeting of each term. Each Councilmember serves on several Committees, and all matters are referred between the Council and Council Committees based on the adopted Council Committee Structure Resolution.

All meetings for both the Council and Committees are open to the public, except for a few "closed sessions" on sensitive issues. The public may interact and comment on agenda items at both Council and Committee meetings. If a public comment on any item is not heard in Committee, an opportunity for public comment can occur in the next Council meeting.

Los Angeles City Council Agendas and Transparency

The City Council is committed to being a transparent part of the city. To further access to the Council and understanding of the city’s issues, they have developed these methods:

  • The Council & Council Committee Meetings Calendar provides the agendas released for upcoming Council and Committee meetings. The Council Recess Schedule identifies the special days and events when the Council does not meet.
  • The Council Administration office provides Meeting Agendas, Audio and Video recordings, Journals/minutes for all City Council meetings going back to 2008, and Computer-Aided Real-Time (CART) Transcripts to 2016.
  • All public members with a valid email address can subscribe to Meeting Agendas, Hot Sheets, Journals, and Motions. The "Hot Sheet" Referral Memorandum (detailing where Council items are referred) when they are published, Motions the day they're introduced, and Council journals/minutes. The Hot Sheets are also posted on CFMS's Referral/Journal page.
  • The Council Vote Verification System (CVVS) shows how the City Council voted on each issue. The public can also track Council meeting votes live during streamed Council meetings held at the Los Angeles and Van Nuys City Halls.
  • The Council Meeting Attendance Log is published monthly and provides the attendance record of each councilmember. While not an official record, it provides a summary of every meeting attended, regardless of the member sat in for the full session or a shorter time.
  • The public can also access a copy of the Council Rules, which apply to both Council and Committee meetings. The Council regularly amends its procedures to ensure city business conduct complies with local, county, and state law.
  • Translation Services: The City Clerk's Office provides translation services for Council and Council Committee meetings only. Any member of the public requiring translation services should contact the Council and Public Services Division's Translation Services coordinator at least 72 hours before the meeting they need to attend and specify the language service required.

Los Angeles City Archives and Records Center

The City Clerk's Records Management Division is comprised of the City Archives and the Records Center. Its assigned duty, under the City Clerk’s Charter, is to serve as the custodian of the City Records. Included among them are Planning, Historical, and Departmental Records.

Members of the public wanting to review City Planning Records must first call the Planning Department's Automated Records Unit to obtain the box numbers for the files related to their property of interest. Once they have the box numbers, members of the public next contact the City Clerk’s Office to schedule a visit.

By appointment, historical city records are available to all.  City Council Records from 1940 - 1979 are indexed online at Council Files (1940 - 1979), and Records from 1980 to today are indexed online at Council Files (CFMS). All files identified in the CFMS may be reviewed at the City Archives. Records maintained include the following:

  • Council Minutes
  • Archived Digital Vault
  • Council Minutes from 1850 to 1979
  • Indexes to Council Minutes from 1940 to 1979
  • City Council Indexes from 1940-1979
  • Images
  • Videos

Departmental Records can be reviewed by City employees of their department. Before scheduling a visit with the City Clerk’s Office, employees must get the box numbers for the files they want to review from their department’s Records Coordinator.

The Records Management Division is also responsible for the disposition of Obsolete City Records. Obsolete Records prepared for disposal are posted for the public’s review on the City Clerk’s webpage under Records Disposition Reports for 60 days. Members of the public can request to be placed on an e-mail notification list of Obsolete Records pending destruction activities by contacting the Records Management Division.

SERVPRO Supports Los Angeles City Council and Business Operations

The City of Los Angeles has worked diligently to eliminate paper records. The effort to move to digital protects the integrity of stored records for not just the City but also businesses trying to serve their clients and meet the needs of digital record keeping.

Even with paper eliminated, carpets, furniture, and interior walls are still at risk from water that pool in a storage closet or spread across floors. At SERVPRO, our goal is to eliminate or reduce these risks and return each facility to its original, dry state.

Our first step is to quickly remove excess water using extraction devices on floors, carpets, and out of items like upholstered furniture. Next, our response teams dry every affected item using a combination of fans and air movers to draw out the damp air and replace it with a flow of warm air across the affected property. Where needed, team members hand dry items to prevent the destruction of varnish and other finishes. Our team can utilize special drying chambers to mitigate water damage to stored documents and other paper items.

SERVPRO is proud to support L.A. businesses, especially at this time. If your commercial operation needs water removal after a burst pipe or flood, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake /Echo Park today at (213) 628-2000.

Spend Time Watching Animals in Los Angeles at the Zoo

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

A big building with the words Los Angeles Zoo on it. Animals are the best, go out and safely support your local zoo.

Visit the Los Angeles Zoo by Making a Reservation Today

The Los Angeles Zoo is open and ready to take individual ticket reservations.  Each time slot has maximum capacity limits for safety measures. Keeping this in mind, it is important to plan ahead since time slots often sell out.  The zoo closed first due to the virus and then because of poor air quality during the local Bobcat and El Dorado wildfires. Although the zoo suspended their in-person talks to limit gathering in crowds, guests are still free to enjoy the zoo animals. 

Here's What You Should Know About Zoo Visits

  • Reservations are required for all visits.
  • The zoo reserves the right to close certain attractions to allow for appropriate social distancing. 
  • While eating and drinking without a mask, stay stationary to limit possible exposure. 
  • High-touch areas and equipment such as drinking fountains are closed for safety. 
  • Tickets range from $17 to $22. 

If you need water removal in the greater Los Angeles area, contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park for 24/7 Emergency Service at (213) 628-2000.

What Damage Can Result from a Broken Sink Fixture in Your Los Angeles Cafe?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

A bathroom sign with male, female, and coffee icons on it. SERVPRO knows how serious a bathroom leak can take over your Los Angeles Cafe. Call us today, we can have you back up and running in no time.

Our SERVPRO team can respond quickly to water losses, helping to begin repairs, restoration, and recovery efforts as soon as possible. 

With a steady flow of patrons coming into your Los Angeles cafe every day, unexpected loss incidents like a broken fixture in one bathroom can be destructive. Not only can shutting your doors harm your reputation, but it can also make it more challenging to open them again after restoration and recovery. Choosing a team like SERVPRO is choosing a fast and reliable response to these water emergencies to ensure that the appropriate steps get taken immediately to recover the damage. 

Because the bathrooms are directly connected to your building's main floor where customers gather and enjoy their coffee, water restoration in your Los Angeles cafe must begin immediately. You cannot stall the progress of migrating water without the appropriate equipment and expertise, and that is why securing our professionals right away can help. In many situations, we can offer thorough drying and recovery solutions in contained areas to allow you to continue operating at a limited capacity while restoration continues.

Should Repairs Happen Right Away? 

There is no mistaking the damage that migrating water can do, especially to the structural elements immediately surrounding a water loss' origin point. Fortunately, with a team of in-house contractors at our command, we can offer restoration and repair solutions for properties. The assessment of your property can happen alongside mitigation and the installation of containment barriers, allowing you to continue serving your customers throughout even the earliest stages of restoration. Our contractors can help in several ways after a water loss beginning in the bathroom, including:

  • Replace broken plumbing
  • Repair damaged fixtures
  • Begin controlled demolition

What Is Troublesome About Standing Water? 

Substantial water loss incidents can be made even worse by the presence of standing water. This pooling on the surface can spread quickly into neighboring spaces like the main floor of your cafe. Migrating loss effects can be threatening to your customers, making it vital to address these situations before they infiltrate communal areas where your patrons gather. There are multiple concerns with standing water and its effect on the exposed materials around it. Some of these include:

  • Saturation – The absorption of water into specific sensitive materials such as carpeted floors, wood plank flooring, or furniture and cabinetry around preparation areas in your cafe can have permanently damaging effects.
  • Migration – The spread and severity of water loss effects vary from one location to the next, but failure to address standing water from the bathroom can lead to these same issues and more heavily trafficked areas of your business.
  • Structural Deterioration – The presence of water trapped in specific materials like drywall and wood flooring can lead to deterioration and degradation. There is a finite timeline to address these concerns with the appropriate drying tools.

Can Water Move to Inaccessible Areas? 

Knowing where water migration has occurred, and the path that it continues to take throughout the property can allow our technicians to get ahead of this evolving threat. When the water reaches inaccessible areas, we must utilize specialty drying tools to promote evaporation once extraction efforts become more challenging. Water trapped within flooring systems can often get overlooked without the appropriate technologies to determine where migration has happened. We can breakdown the recovery of engineered wood flooring and hardwoods into three phases: 

  • Surface Moisture Meter - We utilize moisture meters to identify moisture pockets and dampness within structural elements like flooring and subflooring materials.
  • Floor Mat Drying Systems - When water gets located within these materials, it is possible to remove this moisture with our floor drying mats positioned appropriately throughout the structure.
  • Controlled Demolition - When physical damage exists in the flooring after prolonged exposure to moisture, the only solution is controlled demolition. We can perform this within our containment area to reduce cross-contamination and any other detrimental effect on your customers.

What Materials and Fixtures Require Replacement? 

Many structural elements and fixtures exist within the bathrooms of your cafe. As you look to upkeep the appearance and aesthetic qualities of these necessary facilities, you can recognize how quickly elements like vanities and flooring might become too compromised to preserve. Many of the vanities used in even commercial applications are a particleboard construct, which can be overly sensitive to water absorption. In many situations, it is more cost-effective to remove it and replace this structural fixture rather than to attempt to dry it.

Water loss incidents can happen without notice and spread rapidly through your business. Our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park team can help with the fast response featuring experienced professionals and efficient recovery tools. Give us a call today at (213) 628-2000.

How Can I Quickly Remove Water Damage from My Los Angeles Hotel?

6/28/2020 (Permalink)

A man and woman standing at a hotel desk. A water loss to your Los Angeles business can be rough, let SERVPRO assist your business.

When plumbing breaks occur within between the ceiling and floor of the above level, the result can be substantial water damage that must be addressed immediately. 

Plumbing tucked between the floor of an upper level and the ceiling of the main story in your Los Angeles hotel might be aesthetically pleasing, but can also lead to some widespread loss effects should a plumbing break occur. Addressing these concerns as quickly as possible can help both of the building's affected stories get better protected from the spreading damage. Our fast-responding SERVPRO technicians can help. 

Our professionals can work fast to begin water cleanup in Los Angeleshotels like yours, thanks to our experience with commercial losses to our extensive inventory of extractors, drying units, and cleaning products. As you might expect, little of the restoration can begin in your lobby or guest rooms until our professionals recognize what all materials have become affected by this plumbing breach and determine where this break in the utilities has occurred. 

How Bad is the Damage? 

Job scoping is a vital process for our responding SERVPRO technicians, as it showcases much of the current situation and details the necessary tools and personnel required to restore it. We have many sophisticated tools and technologies developed exclusively to help evaluate moisture damage and dampness pockets beyond the surface to reduce the need for unnecessary controlled demolition and later reconstruction. Some of the information that we can catalog from thorough job scoping include:

  • Water migration - An objective of thoroughly evaluating moisture content beyond the surface materials is to show where water migration occurs and what structural elements might have become impacted without yet showing signs of damage. 
  • Affected materials - Probing meters and surface moisture sensors can indicate where moisture exists and which materials are most impacted. Higher concentrations narrow the search field for the plumbing break, and it can show where controlled demolition might be necessary. 
  • Irreparable damage - An inspection of the area can identify sagging materials, bloating of ceiling tiles, and other clear indications of water damage. These materials must often get discarded and later replaced. 

Can Affected Materials Get Protected? 

Just because structural materials like the ceiling in your hotel lobby get damaged by the water does not mean that they are beyond restoration. It is always the priority of our responding technicians to restore before replacement when it is cost-effective and possible to do this. With that in mind, specific tools can help to manage these pressing loss concerns to prevent unnecessary controlled demolition and repairs. Some of these include:

  • Injecti-Dry System - A positive pressure system that used multiple small hoses to inject heated air into structural cavities like the ceiling system. Without excessive water, this Inject-Dry approach can significantly increase evaporative rates. 
  • Air Movers - Where portions of the ceiling area have become exposed, centrifugal air movers can get positioned on saturated materials to evaporate surface moisture and trapped water. 
  • Dehumidifiers - Evaporation can cause a rise in the humidity of the hotel, making desiccant and low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers a valuable addition to the drying process.

What Can Effective Containment Do for Your Hotel? 

Physical barriers help to isolate areas in need of drying. With a wooden framework and poly sheeting, we can prevent the continued spread of loss effects, including migrating water, microbial concerns, and even residues that must get cleaned. Containment strategies are also vital for your business model during this time of restoration. Some of the ways that quickly establishing containment barriers in the hotel can help include:

  • Keep your doors open
  • Prevent traffic in the work area
  • Allow our technicians to work around the clock to solve the issue

What if Demolition is Necessary? 

We have an in-house team of qualified commercial contractors that can help with even substantial loss incidents. We can work quickly to establish the appropriate controlled demolition to limit discarded materials and make build back more efficient and cost-effective. From insulation vacuums to remove these wet materials to discarding sagging drywall on the ceiling, we can work to rebuild these areas "Like it never even happened."

When plumbing breaches occur between the floors of your hotel, many of your guests and communal areas can become affected. Our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park professionals can respond quickly to these emergencies with the tools and experience to help. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (213) 628-2000.

I Need Help in Restoring My Los Angeles Office Building After a Fire. Who Do I Call?

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up shot of fire When your office building has fire damage, you can trust SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park to clean it up and restore it effectively.

Contact SERVPRO to Perform Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Your Los Angeles Office Building

Fires are as likely to happen in commercial buildings as in homes, and they can be devastating. An office building fire can be particularly dangerous because of the furniture like chairs and desks closely packed in working areas ad the many employees present. After a fire loss incident in your office building in Los Angeles, you can hire SERVPRO to restore the property so that normal business operations can resume.

What steps can you take to restore my property?

Our restoration experts are there to assist you to recover from the fire loss. To handle the commercial fire damage in your Los Angeles office building, we can take several steps based on the extent of the fire. Here are some steps we can take:

    •    Safety assessment – We can assess building safety by looking out for structural issues and other dangers like chemicals and asbestos that could harm individuals entering the building.
    •    Securing the building – A fire can leave some parts of your office building exposed and open. We can secure the property by boarding up the openings with exterior grade plywood, polythene sheeting, or roofing tarpaulins.
    •    Containment – If only a part of the office building is affected, we can seal off the affected area and request people in the building to reduce movement to those areas.

What does cleanup work involve?

Fire damage increases quickly with time, and that’s why we begin the clean-up process as soon as it is safe to do so. This process can start with removing debris from the premises. We can remove materials like charred carpets, furnishings and ceiling tiles, and dispose of them appropriately.

Addressing the chemical or water damage from firefighting efforts is also vital. We can use portable pumps to extract the water and then dry the building using air movers and dehumidifiers.

Another issue we deal with it smoke damage. Apart from walls and floors, smoke can ruin many items in your office building. Businesses usually contain electronics, décor, and furniture, among other items. Smoke damage can affect specific spaces that are seemingly enclosed, like closets and desk drawers. Our team can use structure cleaning solutions and cleaning agents to salvage furniture, flooring, office equipment, and other items.

What about the odor. Can you remove it?

Our SERVPRO team can take measures to eliminate the persistent smoke odors using deodorization products like water-based odor counteractants, sealers, and odor counteracting beads. Deodorization is an essential step in the fire recovery process since odors can have a negative impact on customers and people who work in the building.

When your office building has fire damage, you can trust SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park to clean it up and restore it effectively. Contact us today at (213) 628-2000.

How Do I Deal with Unexpected Water Cleanup in My Los Angeles Hotel?

5/1/2020 (Permalink)

A beautiful old Hotel with trees in front of it. Often historic buildings have aging plumbing systems. SERVPRO is ready to restore your hotel to its preloss condition.

Don't Let Water Damage Cause Your Los Angeles Hotel to Appear Inhospitable

Los Angeles is renowned for its thriving tourist economy. People flock from all over the world to visit Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and the iconic Hollywood Boulevard. As a hotel owner, you need to be ready to serve throughout the year and, like any hospitality business, temporary closure or poor reviews can be a disaster for your revenues. We offer the hospitality industry a prompt, professional and expert service when unexpected damages go beyond the remit of your housekeeping team. 

Many of this city's hotels were built in the 20th century and can house aging plumbing infrastructure. If a pipe splits or bursts getting emergency water removal in Los Angeles is a necessity to get back to business as soon as possible. SERVPRO offers our hospitality community a 24 hour emergency call-line and an immediate call out on notification of loss. We do this because we recognize how vital availability and efficiency are to your business. 

We are ready to dispatch a team of highly trained technicians led by an experienced project manager. We walk you through the service every step of the way and can act on your behalf when dealing with your insurance adjuster. Our company has experience dealing with commercial insurance providers and can act in your best interest. Keeping you in the loop is as essential to us as it is to you, especially when dealing with an older building which may have unique architecture and infrastructure. 

Standing water is a health and safety issue, but it can also cause permanent damage to your subfloor. SERVPRO has IICRC certificate holders in applied structural drying and carpet cleaning. We use submersible gas-powered pumps to remove water quickly before going in with water extractors to remove any residual moisture. In larger spaces, we can deploy rapid air movers alongside dehumidifiers to control humidity levels and prevent mold growth. 

When your business needs professional assistance to get back to its best, contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000.

Hollywood was established in 1853. Click here for more information on Los Angeles.

Can SERVPRO Help Us Prepare Our Los Angeles Warehouse for a Flood?

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

An underground parking garage with standing water. Call SERVPRO to assess your company's flood risk or to remediate flood damage.

Helpful Steps to Take to Minimize Damage From a Storm

Your warehouse and your stock are very valuable, so every effort needs to be made to protect it against all kinds of threats and hazards, including water damage from flooding. You can learn how to best protect your business from being put out of commission from such an event, but not everything can be avoided at all times, and you will want a professional company such as SERVPRO to come help you out in the event of such an emergency.

In the meantime, it is essential to take steps for protection against commercial water damage from flooding in your Los Angeles warehouse. Flood protection is not a legal requirement. However, many times floods come with a weather warning so you should have time to prepare.

Areas Which are at Risk

If your business operates in an area which is known to be at risk of flooding, there are steps you should take to limit water damage from the flood waters.

You should first sign up to get any flood warnings using the National Weather Service. You can also raise sockets, electrical installations, wiring and fuse boxes from ground level to help prevent water from getting into your electrical systems. Investing in guards which can be fitted to outside doors and covers which can be fitted to ventilation bricks can help stop water from seeping through.

You can also install non-return valves to drainage pipes to prevent water from backing up into your premises. Raising damp-proof courses and sealing floors can also help prevent water damage. Heavy duty high-rise racking can be installed, too, so the heavy stock can even be stored at a higher height when a flood threatens your business. Paper records should also be stored on upper levels or in filing cabinets which are sealed.

Flood Plan

You will want to draw up a flood plan as well and put it up where all employees can see it. This should include an evacuation route, plus contact information for a remediation company such as SERVPRO to help you after the flood to clean up the water damage as soon as possible. Make sure to call our professionals as soon as possible after the damage occurs to prevent further damages and reduce any health risks from things such as mold.

When Your Building Suffers Water Damage

Your municipal building in Los Angeles is one of the staples of the community, and therefore, it cannot afford to have to get shut down for any length of time due to unexpected incidents. The community that you serve expects your branch or division to adhere to your operating hours, regardless of unexpected water emergencies that could have occurred inside.

When you are a representative of the city or even of the state of California, running this business of sorts requires a lot of moving parts and each staff member doing their job. When your plumbing breaks free, or sprinkler systems degrade and malfunction, your Los Angeles facility can find itself combatting a modest amount of water damage.

Our SERVPRO team can appreciate the time-sensitive situation when you contend with water damage in your building. Not only could this pose a hazard to the high traffic of those coming into the facility, but it also poses a persistent threat to your staff and the structural strength of the material as well.

Many times smaller-scale incidents only require some concentrated mopping and light extraction followed by drying efforts, this is also something that your maintenance department might not have the resources to accomplish promptly. Ultimately, choosing SERVPRO professional restoration services can help you to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Quality of the work is another thing that you and those responsible for maintenance of the building should consider when a water incident occurs. Failure to adequately clean and dry the mess can lead to compounding damages like mold and mildew growth, which potentially pose health hazards to those exposed to it.

There is nothing that can prepare you or your staff for even a smaller-scale water incident in your building. With the high demand of your municipal structure for the community and area you serve, you need to act quickly to keep things running smoothly and prevent your doors getting closed unnecessarily. Choose our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park restoration specialists for our fast response times and high caliber execution. Give us a call today at (213) 628-2000.

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We Will Restore Your Fire Damaged Los Angeles Eatery

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Table Setting with Fork and Knife A local restaurant or cafe can easily fall victim to a kitchen fire.

Los Angeles Eateries get back to Business Faster with Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

A local restaurant or cafe can easily fall victim to a kitchen fire. The root causes of these property emergencies can come from several different areas. Chimneys, as well as other kitchen ventilation, can become built up with grease or animal fats. These buildups of grease and grime can quickly ignite when subjected to the high temperatures of a busy service. The temporary closure is usually a must until the toxins present in fire disperse.

What is left behind is any combination appliance, ventilation, structural and content fire damage in your Los Angeles eatery. SERVPRO is a local company equipped to deal with unforeseen emergencies that occur in commercial properties. A team of understanding fire restoration technicians can be with you shortly after receiving a notification of loss. They bring with them fully-stocked restoration trucks with a range of deodorizers, chemical cleaning agents, and machinery to help you get back to business as usual.

If a fire marshall has cleared your property for safe entry, you can begin the process of fire restoration while SERVPRO is on the route. Use table clothes or other large pieces of material to cover furnishings, appliances, and remove hanging art to an unaffected area or cover. When smoke residues cool, they tend to drop from ceilings or walls unto furnishings below. By covering your furnishings quickly, you can reduce the expense of your claim. If you remain on-site, opening windows and doors to allow airflow, as well as light vacuuming, can be beneficial in removing surface soots.

On arrival, a pro-active team of SERVPRO fire restoration technicians can begin pre-testing fabrics, furnishings, appliances, and structure. By pre-testing these specific areas, we can gain a better picture of the type of smoke we are dealing with, either wet or dry. Each type has its own set of cleaning methods and responds to different types of solvent, which is why the pre-testing procedure is an essential part of the restoration.

Often, high-temperature fires can result in bubbling, melting, or staining of finishes on appliances. Our team can carefully remove the finish without damaging the material underneath. Once the smoke residues are cleaned away, we can refinish the appliances to a preloss condition. Thorough deodorization of both the kitchen and, where necessary, the structure is included within the restoration service.

Get back to business as usual, contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000.

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Commercial Water Damage in Los Angeles Can Be Fixed Quickly and Efficiently

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage to your movie theater can be a handful to deal with alone. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

Commercial Water Damage in a Los Angeles Theater Needs Teamwork and the Right Equipment

Matinees and full features attract a variety of individuals, groups, and others to your theater in Los Angeles. A small fire can cause sprinkler systems to release water into different areas, soaking both seating and carpeting. Patrons expect clean seating, and damp chairs might leave stains on expensive dresses or rented attire. Wet carpeting might become moldy and also stretches. Accidents, especially when the theater lights go off, and dark portions of a film keep things dim, can increase.

Entertainment venues in Los Angeles must provide safe conditions for their patrons, and commercial water damage makes ensuring this problematic. Signs indicating wet floors might suffice in better-lit areas, but instead of warning people to watch their step in darker places, they can add to the problem, instead.

Getting the upholstery dried out and clean again, so seats do not leave anyone with unwanted surprises takes more than a few fans placed inside the enclosed areas where you show movies. Wet carpeting needs significant increases in air flow to dry out. SERVPRO brings the equipment to your door to stop damage from worsening.

The number of microbes can become a severe problem when moisture gets introduced to the area. Drying thwarts the ability of microbes to multiply and spread but does not remove any of them from the air. Air scrubbers do this for us, instead. We place these so that the air currents our fans create also push the air toward the nearest air scrubber.

These enormously powerful fans can move between 3,000 and 5,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFU). This moisture must go somewhere. Moreover, increasing amounts in the air can slow the evaporation rate. While raising the heat inside the theater can make the air capable of retaining additional amounts, we instead rely on desiccant machines that pull water vapor from the air and keep it trapped. We dispose of this water as needed to maintain a continuous drying process.

To do all of this as efficiently as possible, SERVPRO specialists learn from intensive in-house training to work in teams. This provides several pluses to any job, for both our customers and for ourselves. It reduces the costs to you, the risks to our mitigation team members, and also the time required to complete the job.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park also covers Angelino Park, Lincoln Heights, and Chinatown. Call us when your theater or other entertainment venue needs commercial water removal to stay open and keep your patrons happy. You can reach us at (213) 628-2000, with no exceptions, 24/7, year-round.

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Water Can Cause Significant Damage To Your Boyle Heights Pizzeria

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

The main concern regarding water removal in your Boyle Heights pizzeria is the effect that it would have on your ability to serve customers.

Fast Water Extraction In Your Boyle Heights Pizzeria

You might have some competition as a pizzeria in Boyle Heights, between the numerous franchises and small business owners pushing their take on the traditional Italian dish, you cannot afford even a minor incident that could threaten your production. Water loss incidents can occur without warning from faulty fixtures and appliances to burst pipes in the plumbing network, and you have to respond quickly to the situation to get the right professional restoration team there and working to return the property to preloss condition.

The first main concern about your need for water removal in your Boyle Heights pizzeria is the effect that it would have on your ability to continue serving customers. While this might pause your production, our SERVPRO team can respond quickly with the effective extraction equipment to get you back in business fast. When we first arrive at your building, we can quickly assess the situation and get our equipment set up to remove the standing water.

Depending on the severity of the situation, we have many levels of extraction equipment. For substantial loss incidents, we utilize the extractor truck that arrived with our SERVPRO Green Fleet of service vehicles. This impressive machine can pull water from the affected areas of your pizzeria at 300psi, preparing the area quickly for efficient drying efforts to follow.

We understand that your electronics and electric appliances in the restaurant can become severely damaged by lingering moisture, so we get our drying equipment such as air movers, dehumidifiers, and specialized tools like our injectidry system and large drying mats installed quickly. With the right response to the situation, these drying efforts can restore the damage from the water loss incident without the need for demolition and reconstruction.

From the time that you first call our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park professionals, we prioritize getting the water cleaned up and getting your business back up and running. No matter the severity of the damage to your building, you can count on our technicians to get it back to the way it should be. Give us a call anytime at (213) 628-2000.

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Some Simple Steps to an Effective Commercial Water Removal Strategy in Los Angeles

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water line problems require a quick shut off and water removal. Remediation is also key to preventing mold. Call SERVPRO immediately.

Commercial Water Removal Solves Flooding from a Broken Water Line in Los Angeles

Water lines often receive very little maintenance compared to other components in a Los Angeles business. Daily maintenance activities in a hotel suite typically include necessary cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting, but ignore checking for structural or equipment deficits. The pressure in a water line leading to washroom facilities or drinking fountains can break open along the line at any joint or at its attachment.
Water use remains regulated, making it crucial to repair even small leaks immediately as soon as you know about the situation by calling for commercial water removal services in Los Angeles. At SERVPRO, we diligently train our employees in understanding the most effective methods in mitigating situations involving lost water and how to get buildings experiencing crises under control again. Incidents involving multiple levels, as in a hotel, become increasingly devastating the longer the situation remains.
We often use open windows for the reclamation of water saturating carpets on a hotel's upper floor, with attached extraction units cleaning up peripheral areas. Once we eliminate the bulk of this water from each floor, we can put our efforts into completely drying the carpets in hallways, common areas, and any affected suites or rooms. We also address the more humid air that occurs with highly effective desiccant machines. These rapidly remove water vapor and help our air movers work more efficiently in pulling moisture out of materials throughout the affected area.
We continually monitor the area to ensure that our equipment recaptures all lost water and leaves your hotel dry, “Like it never even happened.” As we work in your hotel, we understand that guests' needs often require a quiet environment, so we use a muffler-like set-up on our louder equipment. This dramatically reduces the noise inside the hallways that might carry into rooms and suites and affect your guests. Affected rooms require our attention simultaneously, so we discuss with you the best approach to guests and help you make any changes in room assignments, so we impose as little inconvenience as possible.
SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park works with local businesses in Chinatown, Lincoln Heights, and Silver Lake, including hotels, to mitigate damages caused by water losses and other disasters. Many of these require the fast removal of lost water and the drying out of structures to protect the building from secondary damages. We have the skills and equipment you need during a crisis. Faster To Any Size Disaster, we are always ready to take your call at (323) 255-1000, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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The Benefits Of Hiring A IICRC Certified Restoration Company For Commercial Water Damage Clean Up In Los Angeles

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water infiltration as a result of a roof leak, faulty plumbing or faulty appliance can lead to mold growth.

Saving Your Los Angeles Business: Why Hiring IICRC Certified Commercial Water Clean Up Experts Matters

What if water infiltrates your Los Angeles business? Well, the first step most business owners take is to try and clean the mess with the help of the employees. It makes sense that a business owner resorts to DIY in an attempt to save his or her business. Problem is such measures may result in extensive damage and complete loss. To save your business and provide a safe environment for your customers, choose IICRC certified commercial water cleanup technicians. Here are the reasons why.

Quick Response
When water damage affects your business, time is of the essence. To prevent extensive damage, commercial water cleanup in your Los Angeles property is necessary. At SERVPRO, we respond fast to your water emergency. By doing so, we help to prevent further damage to your business. Also, it helps to save you money.

Prevent Mold Growth
Water infiltration as a result of a roof leak, faulty plumbing or faulty appliance can lead to mold growth. Actually, it takes 72 hours for mold to start growing on affected surfaces. This can create health effects for you, your employees and customers. You do not want your restaurant or café to be shut down because of a health violation. To prevent mold growth, our experts use advanced equipment to dry and restore your business.

Fast Track Your Insurance Claim
SERVPRO commercial water cleanup technicians track and document the whole process. Not only do we note the damage done to your belongings and home but we compile a damage assessment report. Also, we provide all the details needed by your insurance adjuster. By doing so, we fast-track the insurance claims process for you.

Work With Professionals
Whether you need a water damage restoration expert or an applied structural drying technician, we are here to help. We also have the training and experience to handle any commercial water cleanup emergency.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park is a trusted leader in commercial water damage and restoration. As IICRC certified professionals, we use advanced restoration and cleaning equipment to prevent further damage to your business. For immediate assistance, call our 24/7 emergency line at (323) 255-1000.

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Water Cleanup To Your LA Office When The Plumbing Bursts

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

Many Los Angeles Offices Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Water Loss in Your Office? Contact SERVPRO for a Swift Recovery in the Los Angeles Area

Some offices in Los Angeles might pose a unique set of stresses concerning water problems. While you keep pace with the demand of your clients and customers, many business owners fail to see the legitimate threat of aging components of their building that could put them at risk for damages without any warning. A great example of this is the plumbing network throughout the facility.

One of the gravest concerns for significant water loss situations in your Los Angeles office building is cleaning up the mess. With so many sensitive documents and records kept as hard copies throughout storage areas of your facility, getting to the water mitigation as quickly as possible is of critical importance. That is where you can forgo the custodial staff of your building and trust in the fast response of our SERVPRO professionals. We can do the heavy lifting.

Cleaning up the mess is rarely as simple as mopping up the water and drying the area. Most of the time, we have first to isolate the source of the problem. Our professionals have specific equipment to help them pinpoint water breaks in the plumbing system within the walls. Thermal imaging with infrared cameras and moisture meters are several of these devices. This accurate assessment reduces the need for extensive material removal and replacement but helps the technicians to access the source and repair it as an initial step to restoring the damage.

Our SERVPRO professionals also look to preserve and protect the contents of your facility from further damage through our pack-out process. This service removes at-risk contents in the building to a safe location nearby, or to our facility for cleaning and drying. Saturated documents can get recovered when possible through freeze-drying applications off-site, and all of the items get returned upon the completion of the cleanup services.

In the realm of being available to your clients and customers, our team of professional restoration technicians can help you to keep your doors open and restore the damage that the defective plumbing may have caused. You can reach our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park professionals 24/7 by calling (323) 255-1000.

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Commercial Water Damage can Cut Your Barbeque Business Sales in Los Angeles

4/20/2018 (Permalink)

Food trucks are not immune to water damage simply because they are mobile. Contact SERVPRO for remediation should your truck suffer water damage.

Team SERVPRO Deals With Water Damage in Buildings Large and Small

Serving real food to hungry patrons at various sports games and other large events in Los Angeles can provide a family business with substantial income. However, even though your business might rotate its location, there remain risks that can still affect you.
Barbeque businesses and other mobile prepared food ventures can end up facing commercial water damage in Los Angeles. Made of metal structures, rusted grills and other components of a restaurant-on-the-go can create risks for employees and patrons equally. At your site where food preparation happens, water damage can also cause problems. Health violations involving water damage can also lead to other citations involving microbial growth. Even with metal structures, water problems can lead to other problems like mold.
SERVPRO helps all businesses, of all types and sizes, including those on wheels. Refurbishing your stand's interior can go a long way in making your business look and feel clean, professional, and healthy. Public perception can significantly affect overall profits, and social media can further increase how your future customers perceive you. We can help you make a better impression wherever you go by working with you to creatively solve any problems water damage from either rainfall or broken water lines caused.
Our professionals hold certificates from the IICRC in restoring all types of structures with water damage and other severe deterioration. If your barbeque business needs repairs to waterlines, we can help you. If your roof seems leaky during the slightest rain shower, we can help by fixing it and making it weather-ready again. The interior work might also include reinforcing the flooring and installing new flooring. Small details like this can make everything look and feel new, and affordably, as well. Fortunately, such improvements often increase profits and satisfied customers.
Call us for information on how we can help restore your barbeque stand to its former glory. SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park enjoys being a part of our community, and we want to help you share in your role. Our number is (323) 255-1000, and we answer 24/7, every day of the year.

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Commercial Fire Damage and Your Echo Park Hotel

3/12/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO will restore your fire damaged hotel so that is safe and suitable for your guests.

SERVPRO Has the Training and Expertise to Thoroughly Restore Your Hotel with Little Disturbance

Guests coming to Echo Park expect a certain ambiance in their surroundings, and we know you strive to deliver the best our community offers. Accidents can happen in almost any area of a hotel, leading to fire damage or other problems. The fire department may order part or all of your hotel closed to the public in such an event, but we can help minimize the amount involved in such a closure.

Hotels with fire damage need several services before they can function normally. Before this, the number of risks to the public remains exceptionally high. At SERVPRO, we receive intensive training on how to minimize these risks and eliminate them from your building. Individual guestrooms receive the attention needed, so they become suitable and safe for guests once again.

Other areas, such as kitchens, lobbies, and dining facilities require specialized care after a fire. Carpeting may hold copious amounts of water from firefighting efforts, while charred materials, including furniture and free-standing counters, may need sections removed. At times, entire pieces of equipment and other items sustain too much damage for successful restoration.

Our technicians can expertly handle any size fire damage in your hotel and of any type. Greasy fires from cooking or cigarette burns in carpeting from unruly guests can make the next guests' experience less than thrilling. We aim to ensure that this does not happen and that all of your guests enjoy their stay.

When parts of your hotel may remain open, per the fire department, we understand the need to minimize our impact on your guests. Our technical training also includes such issues and how to not only perform our work as unobtrusively as possible but to also work alongside your employees when necessary. Our goal is always to do the work needed to make everything "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park serves the local area, including Angelino Heights and Elysian Park. Contact us for fire damage mitigation of any size at (323) 255-1000, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Water Damage Restoration Services For Electronics Used to Operate Your Los Angeles Business

2/4/2018 (Permalink)

Electronics and water are not a good mix. Should your office space suffer a water damage event, contact SERVPRO for a fast response.

Team SERVPRO Helps Your Business to Quickly Recover After Damage

As many of you already know, water and electronics just do not respond to one another well. Whether you have experienced this problem first-hand by spilling coffee onto a laptop or having desktops ruined by water intrusions at your Los Angeles office, we can all agree that water is not so good for electronics.

Explaining how commercial water damage in Los Angeles can affect the electronics provided to employees in your office is somewhat complicated. There are several different ways water can damage your electronic devices; some reactions are instant while others take much longer to take effect.

Direct contact with any water can short-circuit a variety of devices. Since water conducts electricity, water can create new pathways, causing electricity to flow where it does not belong, leading to damage to your device along the way. When this happens, regardless of your desired outcome, restoration is nearly impossible, as restoration services required to repair the device usually cost more than replacement.

While SERVPRO technicians can dry exterior cases of electronics and relocate them to a dryer environment to help with their recovery, we also partner with a company that can do specialized restoration work on all of your electronics. A full inspection can help prevent corrosion, and other damages from setting in that could drastically reduce the life of your devices. Any electronics caught in a water incident requires the attention of a trained restoration expert to recover correctly.

SERVPRO gives you access to IICRC-industry certified professionals, advanced equipment, and vast resources 24-hours a day. Our entire team works hard to help you recover quickly, should a water incident occur on your property that affects the productivity of your employees. We use a variety of water extraction equipment, water detectors, and hygrometers to return water levels to normal on your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park works with fellow members of our local community to help keep businesses running, regardless of the size of the incident you currently face. Call for immediate help, today. (323) 255-1000

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Why You Need to Be Ready for Water Damage to Your Echo Park Business

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

It is important to keep commercial dishwashers and refrigerators in good working condition and clean them regularly to prevent water damage.

How to Best Prepare for a Water Damage Emergency

Water damage is something no business owner wants to face. However, it is far better to be prepared than to run the risk of being caught unprepared. Water from a leaking pipe, broken appliance, or even an ill-fitting door or broken gutter, has the potential to cause much damage. That is why SERVPRO recommends entrepreneurs in Echo Park prepare now and do not leave anything to chance.

We understand that Echo Park businesses want to avoid water damage if at all possible. After all, a leak can quickly lead to problems including waterlogged carpets or rugs, damaged soft furnishings, unusable electronics, or even mold in cases where the problem is not treated quickly enough. Thankfully there are many things you can do now to prepare.

Keep an eye on potential water sources. That means making sure all appliances such as dishwashers or refrigerators are kept in good working order and cleaned regularly. Check hoses and pipes to be sure there are no leaks. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on windows, doors, gutters, and damp areas such as basements. If you spot a problem, call a professional and get it dealt with straight away.

Know what to do in the event of water damage. For example, restaurants might plan to move foodstuffs to a sister location. Libraries need an action plan for protecting as many books as possible. Salons might think about moving furniture out of harm’s way. It is also essential to decide whom to call should the need arise. We certainly recommend getting in touch with SERVPRO at the first sign of problems.

SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan is a helpful tool for any size business to use. Download our free app and use it to create an emergency profile for your organization, including lists of phone numbers, actions to take in an emergency, and more. Encourage all staff to become familiar with the plan, so they know what to do when disaster strikes.

For help with water damage remediation in Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, Chinatown, and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (323) 255-1000 for assistance.

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Plan Ahead to Reduce the Risk of Fire Damage on Your Los Angeles Construction Site

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

You can prepare for a fire disaster on your construction site by taking advantage of SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Plan app.

Ways to Prevent Fire Damage on Your Construction Site

Anyone in the construction industry in Los Angeles knows that a blaze can easily get out of control and put both their staff and the project itself at risk. Managers in building offices cannot always be on site to supervise, and there are many variables on any building site that make it harder to predict risk. That is why SERVPRO recommends planning to reduce the possibility of fire damage on any commercial site and keep staff and visitors alike safe from harm.

There are many ways fire damage gets started on Los Angeles construction sites. Anything from a broken gas line to an accidental spark might set a blaze that quickly burns out of control. The risks are even greater when renovating existing older properties that do not have the same fire safety measures built in as their newer counterparts.

Flammable waste such as wood or paper provides fodder for flames. Make sure all staff members regularly remove and safely store or dispose of waste before it becomes a hazard.

Some building sites have flammable liquids or highly combustible materials in storage. Make sure that all dangerous or hazardous materials are stored safely and in such a way that a blaze cannot easily spread.

Always have appropriate fire extinguishers on hand. Make sure there are extinguishers available that cover all the potential types of a blaze, from wood or paper to electrical or gas.

All construction firms in America must comply with the U.S Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) guidelines and standards. Double check your familiarity with OSHA guidelines and make sure they are strictly adhered to on all sites and by all staff.

Do not wait until a fire erupts to take action. Make sure all employees know what the fire protocols are, how to safely use extinguishers, how to evacuate the site in the event of a blaze, what to do, and whom to call. Take advantage of SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan, a free app that helps you assess your business and plan what to do in the event of a blaze.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are fully equipped to deal with fire aftermath and are on hand to help secure your site and clean it up.

For help with fire damage in Angelino Heights, Boyle Heights, Elysian Park, Chinatown and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (323) 255-1000 today.

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Why Water Damage Is Dangerous For Los Angeles Electronics Stores

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Our quick response to water damage at your store can help to minimize cost. Contact SERVPRO right after water damage for best results.

SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Remediate Water Damage at Your Store

No business wants to suffer water damage, but the problem is even bigger for electronics stores. If you sell computers, TVs, cameras, phones, or any other appliances, you know that getting your wares wet is a sure route to costly replacements. It is a fact that water and the electronics in your Los Angeles store simply do not mix, but have you ever wondered why?
It does not take much for your retailer to suffer commercial water damage in Los Angeles. A faulty appliance can do it, or a leaking pipe, broken faucet, or even inclement weather. Anyone who has spilled coffee on their keyboard or dropped their iPhone in the sink knows that dampness and electrical items are a recipe for disaster.
Water kills electronics in one of two ways: Short-circuiting, or corrosion.
A short circuit is what happens when an appliance gets wet and immediately stops working. Water short-circuits the delicate hardware inside the appliance by causing it to overload. The components cannot handle the amount of current passing through them and subsequently blow.
SERPVRO knows that sometimes it takes longer for damage to become apparent. At first, you rescue an appliance from water, and it seems to be working ok. Then, over the course of a day or two, it simply ceases to work. If an appliance appears ok and then subsequently breaks, it is because water caused corrosion inside it. Corrosion is a chemical reaction, often with water and oxygen, that damages the parts inside the appliance. For example, the rust you see on old vehicles is a type of corrosion.
How long a device lasts after damage depends on how wet it got, how long it was wet for, the humidity of the surrounding environment and the components inside it. One thing is certain though – it is not usually possible to repair a phone, TV, or computer after water damage.
Because it is usually impossible to rescue water damaged electronics, SERVPRO recommends you plan. For example, check pipes and faucets in your facility regularly, do not let your staff have drinks near items in your store, and put your stock on shelves so if the floor gets wet, it is protected.
Our IICRC-certified technicians are on hand to help with cleanup and drying operations. We also recommend SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan, a free app that helps you create a plan of action in the case of water damage. Start using it today and help protect your store from stock and profit loss.
For help with water extraction in Los Angeles, Chinatown, Angelino Heights and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (323) 255-1000 today.

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Plumbing Problems Create Commercial Water Damage In Silver Lake

8/10/2017 (Permalink)

Plumbing problems at your deli can delay or halt operations altogether.

Plumbing Problems Create Commercial Water Damage

Plumbing problems at your deli can delay or halt operations altogether. These issues can be frustrating. They can also make your business unsafe for your employees and customers. As a well-trained and experienced restoration company, our experts at SERVPRO understand this well.

One way to prevent costly repairs from commercial water damage in your Silver Lake deli is by having a regular schedule for maintenance. Since many issues with pipes sneak up on you, having a thorough inspection done is the key to finding small problems before they grow. Leaks in drains which are hidden or water under heaters are more than just an annoyance. Over time, they create structural damage. Water seeps into plaster or sheetrock, contributing to mold growth. Porous wood flooring or tile can warp and discolor when wet.

Common Plumbing Problems
Dripping Faucet
Just one faucet which is dripping can send many thousands of gallons of water down your drain a drop at a time each year, driving your water bill higher. Water entering your business is under pressure to move through your pipes. When the tap is off, rubber or silicone washers form a seal which is water-tight and stop additional water from pushing through the pipes and out your faucet.

These washers can become torn, stiff, or dislodged over time, letting a tiny trickle of water through, making that annoying drip. It may take the work of a professional plumber to help you repair the drip, rather than doing it yourself. SERVPRO can help when your deli has sustained water damage from the drip. We have the industrial equipment needed to get the standing water out, and then the air movers and dehumidifiers required to get your business thoroughly dry again.

Leaky Pipes
Leaks happen at the joints of your piping. You may find a puddle under a pipe, and these leaks can be a costly nuisance. When the water is spraying from your pipe, you are dealing with more substantial water damage which needs to be handled by our technicians at SERVPRO.

Other problems include clogged or slow drains, low water pressure, and running toilets. If you notice any of these early enough, get them checked out by a professional plumber before they cause damage.

When water damage from plumbing occurs in your business, it is essential that you contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park right away. The longer any standing water sits, the greater the chance is for more damage, including mold growth. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us at (323) 255-1000 when you have a problem.

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SERVPRO Of Silver Lake/Echo Park Is A Commercial Large Loss Response Franchise!

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let disaster keep you and your business from opening it's doors. The team at SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park understand your frustrations at this time and are here to provide you with solutions.

We offer a fully trained and knowledgeable staff, along with all of the necessary equipment to rectify the situation. Allow us to show you why we are one of the top recommended and trusted companies for water, fire and mold restoration.

Give us a call today at (323) 255-1000 and we will get you back open for business "Like it never even happened."

Fast Fire Damage Recovery For Music Venues in Silver Lake

5/10/2017 (Permalink)

Your patrons don't want to miss a show. Call SERVPRO to remediate your club after fire damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Create an Effective Plan to Remediate Your Commercial Fire Damage

Closing for even a handful of days devastates any business. Your audience has opportunities to move on to other clubs when you shutter the doors for the restoration of damage done after a fire. Work with SERVPRO during the recovery phases to minimize the downtime for your live music venue and keep your customers happy.
The tangle of wires on and behind the stage caused an electrical fire, damaging your Silver Lake indie performance destination. You need a swift response, and we deliver a team of commercial fire damage specialists well trained and rehearsed in all tasks necessary to return your dance club to the popular and lively neighborhood location you worked hard to create.
Our project manager arrives to inspect and design a plan that transforms your soot covered entertainment site back to preloss condition. SERVPRO has the capability to handle all aspects of the fire damage, from the removal of debris to deep cleaning to the replacement of charred structures to the elimination of smoky odors. The fire damage restoration blueprint crafted by our supervisory staff lists all tasks necessary in the order needed for appropriate completion. Technicians begin work immediately after a determination that it is safe to work within the burned structure.
The plan includes designation of the proper types of cleaning approaches to differing types of fire damage. Ashes and friable soot sweeps or vacuums up well, safe methods particularly if our staff uses the HEPA-filtered equipment. Sticky, greasy coatings need solvents for removal, and our employees hold certifications in their professional use from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC). These international standards ensure efficient and safe methodologies govern our efforts and we require our employees to maintain current in best fire restoration practices.
The skill and experience of SERVPRO technicians support cleanup procedures that are swift and complete, preparing your business for reopening sooner than later. Walls, floors, tables, chairs, and the stage area quickly go from dirty to clean and ready for the show when our staff is on the job. If heat or residue damaged electronics, we work with other contractors and your insurance company to arrange for the replacement or repair the components of your sound systems.
The efforts of our fire damage experts extend to the issues of persistent odors post-fire. No music fans or artists want to experience the harsh, unpleasant smells of smoke, burned wiring, and other odors traceable to the fire. We use state of the art deodorization techniques matched to the way the odors were originally generated. We use a multi-step procedure to stop odors from emanating, counteracting odor vapors already in the air, and thermal fogging that permanently changes the chemical components of odors. Covering up the odors is an inadequate response. Professional odor defusing is a SERVPRO specialty.
Make sure the show goes on after fire damage by partnering with SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park. Call our dispatcher any time of the day or night at (323) 255-1000 to schedule a consultation.