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Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles is Fast with SERVPRO

4/24/2023 (Permalink)

Insulation falling SERVPRO was called to dry out this crawlspace and remove the wet material from this Silver Lake Condo.

SERVPRO Techs Use Modern Tools During Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles Homes

Water damage due to burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or other plumbing issues can be challenging to contain. Professionals like SERVPRO use state-of-the-art technology and equipment during water damage restoration of your Los Angeles home to ensure the situation does not become a catastrophe. 

When performing water damage restoration in Los Angeles homes, SERVPRO techs focus on removing the water as soon as possible. Once the techs pump out the standing water, the next step is to remove the trapped moisture by creating drying conditions that encourage evaporation. 

Dehumidification and its Role in Water Cleanup

SERVPRO techs manipulate the humidity of the drying air to encourage the hidden moisture to evaporate and speed up the drying rate. One of the best techniques to control the humidity of the drying air is through dehumidifiers.

SERVPRO restorers use three types of dehumidifiers during water damage repairs-

  • Refrigerant dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air by cooling it to the dew point and then reheating it. They effectively maintain optimal humidity levels in large spaces but consume much energy and may not work well in colder temperatures.
  • Low-grain dehumidifiers can remove moisture from the air even at low temperatures and humidity levels. SERVPRO techs commonly use them in industrial and commercial settings.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers utilize a desiccant material such as silica gel or activated alumina to absorb moisture from the air. They are energy-efficient and work well in low-temperature environments, making them ideal for domestic and commercial use.

Airflow Also Plays an Important Role

Airflow is crucial in circulating the dry air from the dehumidifiers to the wet surfaces. Without proper air circulation, even the best dehumidifiers can’t accelerate drying. SERVPRO techs use strategically placed air movers to improve airflow and speed up drying. 

Call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for reliable service.

How Long Does Water Damage Take to Dry in Silver Lake?

4/3/2023 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO equipment sitting on a hardwood floor SERVPRO's expert team can quickly dry out your Silver Lake property to prevent further damage and mold growth.

SERVPRO Technicians Mitigate Silver Lake Home Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most ubiquitous home disasters in the United States, regardless of climate or geography. In locales like Silver Lake, homeowners may face potentially costly water damage repair and remediation costs that average as much as $300 for a small-scale ceiling leak. While DIY options are available for property owners, certified professional water mitigation can lower the risk of future damages to structures and contents.

Highly-trained SERVPRO water removal crews respond to Silver Lake disaster calls 24 hours a day because water damage does not abide by a schedule. Mold can grow in as little as one to three days after water damage starts. However, commercial-grade equipment handled by certified restoration technicians can prevent mold from further impacting a home’s contents or comfort levels.

Factors That Impact Structural Drying

SERVPRO technicians assess many variables while formulating a water cleanup plan that successfully restores Silver Lake homes. Considerations specific to structural drying include:

  • Relative humidity. The amount of water present in the air impacts the equipment necessary for drying. Air moisture levels also vary as drying equipment pulls water out of surfaces and into the air.
  • Disaster scale. The size of the area impacted by water damage and its location is a crucial consideration during planning. A small pipe leak in a living room ceiling requires different accommodations compared to a similar-sized leak behind a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet.
  • Containment measures. It is possible to reduce structural drying time by using polyethylene sheeting to seal off impacted rooms or areas, thus reducing the workload and equipment.

The Water Damage Restoration and Drying Process for Silver Lake Homes

SERVPRO’s structural drying techniques rely primarily on air movers and dehumidifiers working together to gradually isolate water from surfaces and the air for disposal in a treated sewer.

Centrifugal and axial air movers are designed to target different surfaces. The former is ideal for carpet, while the latter is primarily intended for walls and other structural components. These fans typically cover approximately 150 square feet, or 10 to 16 linear feet, of affected space in a home. Water mitigation technicians can also implement air movement underneath flooring or inside wall and ceiling cavities.

Dehumidifiers also vary based on their mechanisms and intended purposes. Low-grain refrigerant (LGR) units are commonly used to dry water damage on porous materials like carpets and sheetrock. Meanwhile, desiccant dehumidifiers can restore hard or nonporous structural surfaces like wall studs or concrete floors.

These drying systems work best after SERVPRO water removal technicians perform thorough cleanup with moisture extraction units, saving surfaces from acute moisture exposure while reducing drying times. After drying, crew members can address lingering microbial growth and water damage malodors with EPA-registered biocides and odor control solutions.

Homeowners can contact the SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park team at (213) 628-2000. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster for community members in need 24/7.

Understanding Moisture Movement for Los Angeles Water Restoration

11/27/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on the hardwood floor of a home Dealing with water damage that has affected your home can be exhausting. Partner with SERVPRO during this time for effective water removal services.

Drying Principles for Water Restoration in Homes

Our SERVPRO professionals are well-educated in psychometry or the behavior of water. As certified WRT specialists through the IICRC, we have become educated and experienced with how water reacts in specific situations and what to expect when the drying process begins. Tenets of psychometry include:

  • Wet to Dry
  • Hot to Cold
  • High Pressure to Low Pressure

Wet to Dry

One vital component of efficient water restoration in Los Angeles homes is knowing that wet conditions seek out dry conditions. This constant natural process to seek equilibrium forces moisture through permeable surfaces to spread water as far out from the source as possible. Drying efforts must establish a perimeter to avoid this known phenomenon.

Hot to Cold

Warmer temperatures always seek out colder temperatures, so you can expect this same factor to exist with the movement and migration of water in your residence. This can apply greatly to measures needed to get implemented when the drying process begins, as it is customary to warm up the area and increase the air pressure of the drying zone. Containment measures help to keep this warmer condition from finding paths to other, cooler regions of the house.

High to Low Pressures

A good way to think of the movement of high pressure to low pressure is a force pushing against a surface where there is no competing pressure on the other side. The result is a siphoning of moisture from the damaged portion of your home to an area otherwise unaffected by the leak. Understanding the capacity of water to migrate this way can help SERVPRO better contain damaged areas.

Knowing how to handle water restoration in Los Angeles begins with appreciating how moisture moves in a household. We have experienced professionals educated through the IICRC in psychometry to provide the best restoration services for your home. Call our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park team today at (213) 628-2000.

Drying Factors Determine Water Damage Repair Speed in Los Angeles

7/3/2022 (Permalink)

a blue bucket sitting on the floor of a living room catching water that is falling from the ceiling If water damage occurs in your home, be quick to contact SERVPRO. We’re available 24/7 with professional remediation and mitigation services.

SERVPRO’s Swift Los Angeles Water Damage Repair

When busy Los Angeles homeowners experience a water leak, they want the resulting damage fixed as quickly as possible. Fulfilling this desire takes a remediation firm knowledgeable in effectively managing the key drying factors. Such services benefit clients by mitigating potential water-related problems and resolving those that do develop faster than other companies can.

SERVPRO’s water damage repair specialists in Los Angeles are trained to control the environmental elements governing drying speeds efficiently. As a result, our company routinely outperforms other professional restorers when it comes to emergency water damage services like cleaning up the effects of ceiling leaks, burst pipes, and basement flooding. SERVPRO technicians accomplish all of these fantastic feats by:

  • Rapidly removing as much water as possible from impacted rooms and materials with industrial-grade wet vacs and extractors 
  • Increasing interior temperatures to between seventy and eighty degrees Fahrenheit to raise the air’s moisture-holding capacity and promote increased evaporation
  • Always keeping relative humidity inside affected homes under 60% (and below 40% following the first day of drying) with dehumidifiers so that moisture evaporation can continue
  • Maintaining good air movement with high-velocity box fans, air movers, and Injectidry systems so that cool, wet air can be continually replaced by warmer dry air that is going to promote speedier drying

When all of these steps are taken, residences are usually dried more thoroughly and swiftly. In the end, this results in better mitigation of potential damages and greater time and money savings for homeowners.

Keeping all of this in mind, if you are ever unfortunate enough to require residential water damage repair services, be confident that SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park can help. We are always here and ready to assist our neighbors whenever they need us. So, contact us anytime at (213) 628-2000.

Even Small Water Damage Situations Can Use a Professional Touch in Your Los Angeles Residence

7/3/2022 (Permalink)

a leaking pvc pipe underneath a sink No leak is too small or too large for us. Contact SERVPRO for effective water damage clean up and remediation services. Our team is standing by 24/7.

SERVPRO Can Help Cleanup Water Damages Big and Small

You might not realize it, but several different sources could allow for minor to substantial water losses in your Los Angeles home. While you assuredly work to keep everything in your home running smoothly, there are unavoidable instances or accidents which can result in the same type of disaster.

For example, a pipe beneath the sink which supplies water to the faucet could rupture under the right conditions, even with the appropriate maintenance. Fortunately, these types of incidents can get stopped rather quickly when you familiarize yourself with the location of shut off valves in your home. Even with a fast reaction to the break, your Los Angeles home is likely to experience localized water damages.

Instead of believing that these situations can quickly get remedied with a little bit of elbow grease and some towels, you should consider subbing out the work with licensed, professional restoration specialists like what you find at SERVPRO. Our team has the experience and equipment to make short work of water damage like this often and can ensure that the job gets done thoroughly enough to prevent further damages or incidents.

While these situations offer a clear point of origin for the damage, it is often unclear the full extent of how far it has spread until specific equipment gets used. Our SERVPRO technicians get to work on sopping up the water and drying out the visible moisture and dampness in the area, but also rely on thermal imagery and infrared technology to penetrate through surfaces that cannot get seen with the naked eye. This process prevents dampness getting overlooked, and further damage from ensuing.

Much of the drying process gets completed via dehumidification equipment and air movers, sometimes specialized tools are a requirement for deeper penetration into problem areas.

Every type of water emergency in your home might not present severe damages to overcome. To prevent structural concerns or compounding damages (such a mold growth), getting the damage cleaned up by professionals is highly advisable. Our experienced technicians at SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park are available 24/7 by calling (213) 628-2000.

A Quick Way to Prevent Water Damage in Your Los Angeles Kitchen

5/29/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with water covering the floor When your fridge or dishwasher leaks, the excess water can overwhelm your home. Contact SERVPRO immediately for water removal/remediation services.

Less Water Damage Happens with Level Appliances

Save money in Los Angeles by preventing water damage under kitchen appliances with a simple tool. Using a level helps ensure proper drainage. Re-establishing levelness can also help machines work more easily, need fewer repairs, and extend their life spans.

In Los Angeles, water damage can become a costly nightmare for homeowners and renters alike. When it is your own home involved, water-damaged flooring increases maintenance costs. Renters can lose their deposit when someone from property management discovers the costly (and preventable) damage.

Homes can continually settle, sometimes for years, leaving heavy appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines unbalanced. It only takes a few minutes to remedy this and return everything to how it should stand.

How to get the most out of your bubble or spirit level:

  • Choose one small enough for appliances,
  • Level refrigerators slightly higher in front than in the back, and
  • Check for level conditions going side-to-side, as well.

There are a few other ways to stop water damage related to appliances in your home. Check the seal around the door on refrigerators, freezers, and front-loading washing machines. Replace loose, sagging, or broken seals with a new seal. Use water with mild detergent to clean seals in good shape but with mildew signs.

Inspecting the refrigerator’s drip pan lets you know if there are a couple of problems with the refrigerator. The pan should be slightly damp – overflowing or dry pans often indicate clogged drains inside the refrigerator. Be careful while cleaning out the trough and the drainage tube.

You can also inspect the feed lines to ice makers and water dispensers around connection sites and where pinching of tubing might occur. You should not feel any moisture on the outside of any feed lines.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park is ready to help. Call us at (213) 628-2000 for prompt and professional service.

SERVPRO Says Inspect and Maintain Your Los Angeles Home Appliances to Prevent Water Problems

5/29/2022 (Permalink)

the bottom of a water heater that is leaking water Leaking water heaters can totally surprise you. Contact our team to assess the situation and remediate the water damage. SERVPRO is here for you 24/7.

How to Handle Water Damage in Your Los Angeles Home Caused by a Leaking Water Heater

Water heaters are useful appliances in homes for they provide hot water for various uses. However, these appliances can leak due to condensation, or from a faulty drain valve or water outlet. Poorly maintained heaters could also rust, leading to leakage. If not handled promptly, water damage can occur to your flooring, walls, and contents. You must contend with replacing or fixing the unit, and cleaning up the mess, more challenging if tucked away in the basement or even worse, in the attic.

When your Los Angeles home sustains water damage from a leaking water heater, you should hire professionals to dry out the affected areas. SERVPRO technicians can help you to remediate the damage. We start the remediation process by inspecting a home and evaluating the damage. We use detection devices to identify where the water has intruded into the structure. Our technicians can poke the instruments on top of affected surfaces like ceilings, baseboards, and floors to get an accurate reading. Based on the moisture content readings and following IICRC protocols, we can set up the drying equipment to expedite the treatment.

If there is standing water, SERVPRO technicians use portable pumps or wet/dry vacuums to remove it. We may simply need a mop and bucket to remove the visible water. We then begin the drying process. Air movement is vital for drying. The damp and humid air in a water-damaged room slows evaporation. A room dries faster when wet air is blown out, and warm, dry air is brought in. We position air movers in a room to create airflow across pads, carpets, walls, and furniture to hasten the evaporation of moisture. We change the location of air movers continually to promote thorough, even drying of surfaces.

 We also use dehumidifiers to eliminate the moisture retained by building materials to prevent secondary water damage like warping or swelling of flooring, furniture, and walls.

After our technicians restore a home, the damage disappears, “Like it never even happened.” Once the restoration process is complete, we remove the drying equipment.

If your home has sustained water damage, SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park can assist you. We offer our services round the clock in Boyle Heights and Echo Park. Call us at (213) 628-2000 to restore your property quickly.

Aging Kitchens often Indicate Ongoing Water Damage in Silver Lake

4/30/2022 (Permalink)

an overflowing sink with the faucet still on When your kitchen is facing water damage, the professionals at SERVPRO can help. Call SERVPRO 24 hours a day - 365 days a year - for water removal.

SERVPRO Technicians Investigate the Cause of Damage Before Starting the Remediation Process

Attempts at gaining better organization in the home often center around the busiest part of a house in Silver Lake – the kitchen. Clutter, like in other areas of the home, can detract from aesthetic beauty, as well as hide problem areas. In the kitchen, water damage can make areas look gray and dull, especially around the sink.

Cleaning up to improve a kitchen's appearance can reveal water damage in Silver Lake. This kind of harm can pose more problems than simply ugliness. When water damage forms, it often creates small areas that are rife with microbial activity. Cleaning an area does not always eliminate these pathogens. The space needs restoration, instead.

The employees at SERVPRO hold Applied Structural Drying (ASD) certificates from the IICRC, ensuring that they know the best practice methods for performing restoration work in all areas of a home. We also realize that sometimes water damage remains hidden until remodeling work happens, at which point the project stalls until after correction of the situation. Our intensive training prepares us well, so we handle each job skillfully. We know you want to live in a beautiful home that is also healthy, stable, and secure.

Water damage can prevent you from attaining your goals regarding your home's state. All life requires water, but your home is not alive and needs to remain dry, instead of wet. The growth of microbes, the decay of materials, ugly staining of walls and ceilings, and a musty odor can all trace their origins back to water damage. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) knows the best ways to eliminate odors water damage causes.

Fire might damage a home in a short time and produce immediately visible damage, as can flooding, but water damage sneaks up slowly in many cases, sometimes going for years without anyone noticing. Water spreads easily, so we use moisture detectors to track water down and locate other areas that can harbor water-related problems.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park's technicians live in our community and remain dedicated to helping homeowners enjoy their homes to the fullest. By performing mitigation services that effectively remove all types of damage and restore a home's beauty and integrity, we help homeowners protect their investment. Call us for any degree of water damage, 24/7, at (213) 628-2000.

SERVPRO, the Hero for Los Angeles Water Damage Restoration

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

man catching ceiling water leak with pans Los Angeles Homeowner Has a Water Loss Problem--Call SERVPRO-We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Outsource Water Damage Cleanup in Los Angeles to SERVPRO

When SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park gets the call to clean up water damage in a Los Angeles home or business, we know it is an overwhelming and stressful time for the property owner. During the initial phone call, our technicians got detailed information about the water in the property, so we brought the equipment needed to mitigate water loss as much as possible.

What Type of Water Loss Does SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park Handle?

There is no one set way that water loss occurs in a property. A slow leak from a pipe may have spent months building up moisture and increasing our technicians' likelihood of finding mold colonies behind a wall or under flooring. A hot water tank or washing machine can dump tens of gallons of water into the home or business. Whether it is a problem that has just been discovered or a sudden water spill in the home or business, SERVPRO has the equipment and expertise to locate and mitigate water loss for both structures and contents.

Standard Methods for Diagnosing and Remediating Water Damage

The longer the structure and possessions have been exposed to water, the more potential for unrecoverable damage and mold colonies. The less time the moisture has had to reside in building materials and objects, the more chance for saving through restoration efforts. Our goal is always to restore and not replace.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park technicians arrive on-site within hours after your initial phone call. While one or more technicians work to extract any standing water from the Los Angeles property, other technicians precisely locate the size and scope of the water damage. When needed, these techs use moisture meters, digital probes on soft objects such as carpeting, and thermal imagery. The obvious visible signs of soaking and seepage can be grappled with immediately.

Once the moisture areas have been identified, a plan for proper drying of the structure and contents is formulated. The setup for drying the property sometimes takes longer than the actual drying process. Our technicians are IICRC certified in the science of psychometry, or the study of air and moisture and know that airflow is crucial to parts of the home or business retaining moisture. Weep holes may be drilled to facilitate air circulation and drywall that has been too saturation and beyond recovery may be cut away. Baseboards are sometimes removed to allow forced air to vent behind walls and into the cavities.

SERVPRO technicians aim to disrupt the home or business as little as possible during remediation. When appropriate, we put furnishings up on blocks and wrap the legs. Whenever we cannot dry items on-site or they require proprietary methods for restoration that cannot be performed at the location, we can pack up and move objects to our facility with the property owner's and adjuster's permission. All such transported contents are boxed and cataloged, often with scanning.

Different Approaches for Different Types of Flooring

Fast extraction of water and removal of residual moisture under the flooring is essential for avoiding loss of adhesion in tile flooring and secondary issues such as mold. Carpet can pose a problem because the padding is very absorbent and can pull water into other areas under the carpeting, resulting in foul odors and mold if not adequately dried. Our technicians carefully map the moisture readings on the floor and subfloor to determine precisely where the moisture levels rise and where they fall, so no damaged areas are missed. Our technicians do not decide to remove flooring such as an adhesive-based vinyl tile floor that has been saturated for too long to save through restoration without communication with the property owner and adjuster with restoration probabilities. 

Porous flooring materials such as concrete and wood have special needs for cleanup. Our technicians dry concrete thoroughly and use an EPA-registered disinfectant to inhibit mold growth. These pads absorb water slowly to prevent the degradation of the concrete. Wood flooring is handled on a case-by-case basis. The type of wood flooring determines the outcome in many water loss situations. Boards made from composite or engineered wood tend to lose their structural integrity when saturated, and chances of a complete restoration are low. Solid hardwood boards absorb water, but since they are solid wood, our technicians have the expertise and specialized equipment to dry them if the process starts quickly enough after the initial water introduction. A known reason for employing SERVPRO as your water restoration company is our ability to salvage hardwood planks and save our clients a lot of money. Again, we strive to restore and not to replace.

Thorough Drying Methods

Once the setup for drying is completed, SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park water damage technicians again measure moisture in the area and determine drying goals. There is always some residual humidity in the air, and it is never zero percent indoors. Normal interior RH levels are from 55-65%. Our technicians use a scale for optimum levels based on the readings for unaffected areas of the property, so normal moisture levels are achieved through drying. Final results are documented to assist our customers with their insurance claims. Many agencies work with SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park in the Los Angeles area because of the close cooperation from the initial visit to the final walk-through. We can maintain budgetary guidelines set up by the carrier.

Powerful air movers and dehumidifiers are used as the centerpiece of the drying process, causing water vapor to rise and be captured. This cycle repeats over and over, removing moisture from the area. The unique configurations for forced air behind walls, ceilings, or tenting over hardwood floors are performed simultaneously to remove water vapor.

Moisture detection is used during and after drying to determine if drying goals are met. Once they are, our technicians work on hand cleaning the area using fast evaporating antifungal and antibacterial cleaners to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Our odor control technicians have multiple methods to remove any residual odors left behind by the water damage. Once our emergency response teams have completed the restoration efforts, the property owner and adjuster are walked through and shown all aspects of our work to ensure complete satisfaction. "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park is proud to serve Los Angeles, California, including areas in and around the 90012, 90026, and 90029 with our emergency response teams to mitigate water damage to both property and furnishings with our knowledge and equipment. We know home disasters never take a holiday, and neither do we, call us, and our technicians arrive on-site within hours after your initial call.

Four Steps to Take After a Burst Pipe Causes Water Damage to Your Los Angeles Home

8/11/2021 (Permalink)

a broken silver pipe with water leaking from it Quick action is necessary after a burst pipe or a pipe break. Contact Team SERVPRO to arrive quickly on the scene and remediate the water damage.

Steps to Take Following a Burst Pipe

Swift action is necessary after a burst pipe causes water damage in your Los Angeles home. Acting quickly minimizes the possible damage and makes it easier to get your attic dried out. SERVPRO recommends taking the following four steps.

Shut Off The Water 

Locate your water valve and switch it off. Shutting off the water is important as it stops more water from entering the plumbing system, getting out through the broken pipe, and making the water damage in your Los Angeles home much worse. Even if you do not know for sure if a pipe has burst or where the accident has happened in your home, shut off the water straight away.

Move Important Items Out Of The Way  

Act quickly and remove important items from your flooded home if it is safe to do so. However, do not touch or move any electrical items that might have been affected. Remove items so they are not subject to further water damage, making the drying process more manageable.

Call A Plumber 

You need a professional plumber to assess damage to the broken pipe and the surrounding area. Contact a plumber as soon as you can so they can take a look at your home and the pipe and get to work mending it straight away.

Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration

Our IICRC-certified professionals are on hand to dry your home as quickly as possible. Professional drying gives you a much faster and more consistent result than trying to dry the area yourself.

First, we extract water from the flooded area using free-standing and truck-mounted pumps as needed, along with extraction tools. Next, we assess the damage to your floor, walls, the adjacent rooms, and the carpet. We direct air movers across the floor, and if necessary, we position air movers to blow across the ceiling of the space below. In some cases, we need to drill holes in wall baseboards to better dry inside water damaged walls. Our fully trained technicians take great care when ventilating or removing baseboards, and we restore your home when drying is complete.

Do not panic if a burst pipe causes water damage in your home. Call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for help.

Contact A Professional Restoration Company For Water Removal In Your Los Angeles Home

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

water covering the tile floor of a kitchen Has your family home been affected by recent flooding? Team SERVPRO can help with water removal equipment and certified technicians.

Water Removal After an Appliance Malfunction

A flooded home here in California usually results from failing appliances or a damaged water line. Often, many people try to remove it with a Wet-Vac from their garage and then let everything dry by opening all the windows and putting wet furniture and other property outside in the sun. Doing this is never a good idea and leads to additional problems with water or even mold.

Water removal in Los Angeles can mean pumping out a flooded basement in a home with ruptured plumbing or extracting water from the carpets after the dishwasher failed to drain correctly. SERVPRO has the experience and training to handle these situations and hundreds more.

Water Removal Services

When there is standing water deeper than two inches, our technicians start with commercial-grade pumps. If the power is out, we maintain a set of generators and generator trucks to ensure continuous electrical support. Once the water is brought down, or if the amount is less than two inches, we bring in smaller water extractors to draw out the water trapped between floorboards or in carpets and carpet pads.

Next, we use moisture meters to determine if water has penetrated the drywall or other structural property. We establish air movers to blow warm air across the surface to force out the moisture. To complement the air movers, technicians also set up dehumidifiers in every room where the surrounding air has tested high. These devices draw moisture directly from the air at a rate of over 20 gallons per day, depending on the humidity and size of the dehumidifier.

As the air is drying out, technicians examine the carpets and floors for remaining water. We remove the carpet pads and dispose of them, then use the water extraction wands to remove any remaining moisture underneath. Once completed, we set up more air movers to dry out the surface before laying down a new pad and stretching the carpet back in place.

One of the most essential factors in removing water from your home is speed. At SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park, we maintain a 24-hour response team to ensure we arrive and begin working as quickly as possible. If you need our services, call us today at (213) 628-2000 to start.

The Dangers of a Sink Overflow in Your Boyle Heights Home

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

overflowing sink SERVPRO's technicians have what your home needs after a water incident. Call us right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Assess the Scene Before Beginning the Water Damage Remediation Process

Sometimes, a sink can overflow. Usually, this happens from a clogged drain, leaving the water nowhere else to go but over the lip of your sink. Even with the vent of the sink open, it might not contain the water that is backing up. 

An overflowing sink is one danger that can occur in your home that probably does not concern you regularly. It is a race to grab towels to soak up the water when the sink overflows, but there is additional water damage in your Boyle Heights home that is going on under the floor, which towels cannot reach. You need a professional water damage restoration company in this case who can find the hidden damage and restore your home to its proper condition. SERVPRO has the training and experience to help you. 

Weakening Floor Joists 

Water from an overflowing sink can weaken the integrity of floor joists. Once water gets under the floor covering, it sits on the joists and subfloor. It does not evaporate since there is nowhere for the vapor to go, so the wood continues to rot. 

Mold and Mildew Growth 

Perhaps the most significant danger of a sink overflow is mold and mildew growth. With the right environment, mold can grow quickly. Mold is a dangerous fungus that can cause adverse health effects. Once it starts to grow, mold can spread fast if not stopped. 

Ceiling Leaks in Rooms Below 

Another danger is damage done to rooms underneath the overflow. If the problem starts in a second-floor bathroom and your kitchen is under it, the problem is doubled. You wind up with ceiling damage in your kitchen, plus various bacteria and germs have access to your kitchen. 

Repairing the Hidden Dangers 

Since there are so many possible dangers from an overflowing sink, you must call SERVPRO right away. Our technicians have the tools to find hidden water damage and mold growth. We can also repair the damage, so your home is back to its previous condition. 

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park is always ready to help you in an emergency such as a sink overflow. You can reach them quickly anytime, day or night, by calling (213) 628-2000.

Does SERVPRO Offer Water Mitigation Service in Los Angeles?

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO has the tools and reliability you need after a water incident in your Los Angeles home.

Need Water Removal Service in Los Angeles – Call SERVPRO

Many residents in Los Angeles are unaware of the amount of processed wood used in the construction of their homes. Plywood used as subfloors and roof supports, particleboard used in cupboards, and OSB(Oriented Strand Board) is held together with water-soluble glues. Exposure to water during a pipe break or water leak can cause swelling, warping, and buckling. When this occurs, structural strength is lost, and these areas must be replaced.

SERVPRO provides complete water mitigation services to Los Angeles homeowners. We respond in less than four hours which can significantly reduce the damage. Limiting the exposure of wood products to water reduces the absorption and the associated damage it can cause.

Our fast response team can begin extracting water before it has time to penetrate wood floors, drywall materials, and other wood products. Once the water is removed, air movers and dehumidifiers are deployed to reduce moisture and humidity further.

Our SERVPRO general contractor license ensures that we can provide complete service to our customers. Our full-service contracting division can manage all of your repairs. We offer a one-stop service for recovery and restoration in emergencies.

Our water mitigation services include:

  • Emergency services water damage recovery
  • Water clean up
  • Water damage restoration

Call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park for water mitigation in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (213) 628-2000.

Any Size Leak Can Necessitate Water Removal in Los Angeles

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

equipment drying office wood floor SERVPRO provides drying equipment to mitigate water damage in Los Angeles properties

Quick Action after Water Damage Can Help to Prevent any Secondary Damage

It doesn't need to be a gushing line break that floods part of your home. It can be a small drip that is the source of accumulation in your living room ceiling that suddenly breaks open from above. When a small leak goes unnoticed, the water must go somewhere or build up. Because water is heavy, and it's also able to soak into your semi-porous living room ceiling, it can give way when you least expect it.

Los Angeles homes with standing water or other water damage problems need water removal experts to begin the work necessary to fix the issues causing the leak or other situation. Not all water problems are from leaks and can be from sump pump failures, overflowing bathtubs and sinks, malfunctioning dishwashers, water heaters that have rusted, and many other sources. SERVPRO has professionals who can stop the flow of water, remove the standing water, assess the damage, and begin the drying process.

If your home is experiencing problems with standing water of any depth, we can use submersible water pumps that remove the water to an outdoor location so it can drain safely away. Having a home full of what might have started as clean water has now mixed with sewage because the sump pump burnt out from a short can create a bio-hazard mess throughout your home. In situations like this, water removal is only the first step. Cleaning and decontaminating are both essential.

In typical situations, excluding those with bio-hazard issues, water removal is followed by water extraction from saturated materials. This is then followed by restoration, from repainting to the removal of damaged materials. When we're finished, it'll be "Like it never even happened."

If you've found a watery situation in your home, you need to call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 fast. We can be there as quickly as possible to begin working on getting the situation under control.

SERVPRO Remains the First Choice Amongst Los Angeles Residents for Water Damage Mitigation of Their Homes

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SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Water is no match for SERVPRO. We are equipped and ready at a moment's notice to restore your home.

Local Los Angeles Residents Look to SERVPRO for Water Cleanup and Restoration

Los Angeles is perhaps the most well-known city in the world, let alone the United States. Often dubbed as the 'Creative Capital of the World', it is estimated that one in every six residents of the city is employed in the creative industry. The performing arts have a special place in the cultural history of the city. The Los Angeles Music Center attracts more than 1.3 million patrons every year. The Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles is the epicenter of the motion picture and television industry. Most renowned film studios and record labels call the city their home. 

Museums and art galleries are also a part of the city's cultural identity. The city holds the record of having the highest number of museums per capita than any other US city. The Getty Center, Natural History Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art are famous worldwide. 

Professional Sports in Los Angeles

As many as 11 professional sports teams use Los Angeles in their name. The city has a team in all major professional sporting events, including baseball (MLB), football (NFL), basketball (NBA and WNBA), soccer (MLS), and hockey (NHL). Los Angeles is all set to host the 2028 summer Olympics as well. The city also has some of the most iconic sports venues, including:

  • The Dodger Stadium: Home of the MLB's LA Dodgers; it is the world's largest baseball stadium by capacity and can accommodate as many as 56,000 fans. 
  • The Staples Center: A multipurpose sporting arena, it is home to the LA Kings of the NHL and LA Lakers and LA Clippers of the NBA. The arena seats about 20,000 people each for hockey and basketball games. 
  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: A multipurpose outdoor stadium and home to the University of Southern California (USC) and Trojans Football team (Pac-12 conference). It has a seating capacity of 77,000 people. Before its renovation began in 2018, it had the distinction of being the largest football stadium by capacity in NFL history. 

Why do SERVPRO's Water Cleanup Experts in Los Angeles use Dehumidifiers? 

Water damage at your Los Angeles home can occur due to many reasons, including:

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Basement flooding

Whatever the cause, restoring the moisture level to preloss condition is the top priority during water damage restoration. The lingering moisture can lead to serious secondary issues if the restorers don't remove it efficiently. SERVPRO experts use dehumidifiers to remove this excess moisture during the water cleanup process. The three types of dehumidifiers we use include the following:

  • Conventional Refrigerant Dehumidifiers: Work similar to an air conditioner. A refrigerant cools the dehumidifier's coils, and as the moist air moves over these coils, the moisture condenses, and liquid water is collected in a tank and pumped out of the building. 
  • Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers: Can dry a place to a lower humidity ratio as it contains a pre-cooling component. The LGR units are also more energy-efficient compared to the conventional units. 
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers: Use chemicals (Desiccants) that can absorb moisture from the air. Desiccant dehumidifiers are more efficient than refrigerant dehumidifiers. 

Call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for water damage mitigation in your Los Angeles home. 

Where Do Homeowners Go to Restore Their Residences After a Water Intrusion?

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SERVPRO logo and equipment SERVPRO of Los Angeles is ready to tackle your water restoration needs.

For the Best Choice in Restoration After Flooding, Los Angeles Residents, Call SERVPRO.

Is a Professional Response Always Necessary?

Yes. Every Los Angeles home needs a professional agency like SERVPRO to not only remove water but to also eliminate moisture trapped in the floors, walls, and other parts of the structure. 

Why Should Homeowners Choose SERVPRO Over Other Companies?

Other water restoration companies simply do not have an extensive equipment inventory compared to what we have available at SERVPRO. With over 700 items ready to go, our teams are trained and prepared with everything from air movers to water extractors to restore local homes from nearly any type of water intrusion. 

Extractors – Our team specialists use a variety of devices. They have small extractors, designed to wear as a backpack for tight spaces such as closets. For larger parts of a home, specialists use pumps that range in size from models used in apartments to truck-mounted pumps with extensive hoses that have attached generators or can be run directly off the truck’s engine. 

Air Movers and Fans – After removing the standing water and any trapped in carpets or flooring, specialists install these devices to force moisture out of structural properties like drywall and other paneling, then draw it out of the interior to disperse outside. Where needed, they also use Dehumidifiers to augment the actions of the other devices. 

If There Is Damage, You Cannot Restore, What Happens Next?

Our restoration teams also have construction experienced technicians. Except for major repairs that require a licensed contractor, team members can accomplish the tasks needed to return each residence to its pre-intrusion condition, ready for occupation once more. 

To schedule a visit from one of our response teams or to learn more about what we can do for your home here or in Boyle Heights, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park today at (213) 628-2000. We are here for you. 

How Many Budgets Does a Homeowner Need for Water Restoration in Los Angeles?

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water droplets leaking in bucket from ceiling, damaged roof, house renovation Regardless of how the excess water gained entry into your home, our technicians can help. We are standing by 24/7 for your emergency call.

SERVPRO Provides Water Mitigation Services to Los Angeles Residents That Help to Keep Expenses Under Control.

What is the most expensive part of flood restoration?

Protecting your Los Angeles home from water intrusion requires a budget. The most expensive aspect of any restoration project is the cost of labor. Water mitigation may require significant amounts of work. These may include demolition of certain building materials, transporting non-salvageable materials out of the property, and into skips, or reconstruction of certain parts of the home. All of these duties require human resources. Keeping the expense of restoration down focuses on having expertly trained staff capable of handling large amounts of responsibility within the project. SERVPRO employees undergo hundreds of training hours to become production technicians, while crew chiefs have many years of experience in restoring water loss sites.

What ways can I increase efficiency at a restoration site?

Preparation is essential to efficient water mitigation in your Los Angeles home. Mitigation is a time-specific task that focuses on preventing further harm. These techniques can manifest as removing contents from the affected area, setting up a drying procedure to guard against mold, or pumping water out of the property. To complete any of these duties requires efficient planning. Our crew chiefs review the scope of the project with managers before arriving on-site. Reviews can be time-efficient by ensuring that the necessary services are met, that the correct equipment is loaded onto the van. That water restoration technicians (WRT) can be briefed on the requirements of the job.

How can I speed up water restoration in my home?

  • Staging areas can increase efficiency by avoiding long trips to get equipment supplies
  • Using highly trained technicians 
  • Perform inspections at the end of each day to stay ahead of potential changes or improvements

How should I handle water removal equipment?

Most Los Angeles water mitigation relies upon equipment. These machineries are typically complex with many moving parts. Production tools should be handled with the utmost care. Unloading equipment could potentially damage a device. That damage, in turn, can make drying times less efficient, or you may need to spend time replacing the tool. Most equipment runs on electrical power, which may sometimes be sourced from a portable generator. These generators run on fuel, and steps should be taken to ensure that they are not left on beyond their necessary usage. If you are attempting to perform home restoration, keeping an eye on equipment and energy usage can help keep your expenses under control.

How can I protect my possessions from water damage?

Possessions, or contents, can often be cleaned and dried in the property. Techniques like covering or blocking furniture can reduce the amount of water exposure that occurs to larger pieces of furniture. SERVPRO technicians may also deem it necessary to take items from the affected area and remove them from an unaffected site. We take extra care when moving possessions to ensure that no further damage occurs. Equally, we photograph the possessions before transferring them to provide transparency and a record of item condition. Moving contents out of harm's way can be an effective solution to potential water damage. Any clean rooms are prepared by placing polyethylene sheets directly onto the floors to avoid cross-contamination.

What are the additional services available during water mitigation?

Are there additional costs in water restoration?

In the immediate aftermath of a water emergency, it can be tough to calculate costs accurately. There are many factors to consider before a workable estimate is produced, and it is not uncommon for restoration technicians to begin work before an assessment. Los Angeles homeowners may be able to benefit from additional services that SERVPRO provides during water restoration. Carrying out lead-based paint activities and renovation (RRRP), for example, may help to ensure that your property is safe and inhabitable after a water emergency. We can provide these services with qualified technicians ready to help abate and renovate properties that may use lead-based paint. A crew chief can recommend special services during the restoration that could help to return your home to a better than preloss condition.

What steps are necessary for water mitigation?

  • Cleaning and decontaminating salvageable material
  • Transporting and disposing of waste safely 
  • Cleaning equipment and workers to avoid cross-contamination in the home

Preparing and executing water restoration can be tricky, but it is essential to keeping your expenses under control. Contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for assistance.

How Can I Remove Unpleasant Water Odors From my Home?

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

woman covering her nose Our water damage experts are trained in a wide variety of restoration needs, even upholstery and fabric cleaning and odor control. Call us today.

SERVPRO Can Perform Deodorization at your Los Angeles Property as Part of our Water Damage Restoration Service.

Why do water odors occur?

Odors can come from multiple sources. When there is a water leak or intrusion at your Los Angeles home, microbes present in water can begin to proliferate, causing degradation and unpleasant odors. Water intrusion may also dislodge pre-existing grime, dust, or bacteria in the home, releasing odor. Finally, our perception of smells is heightened when there is proximity to moisture or at high levels of humidity. Our urgent priority is to clean and dry your home, thereby removing microbes or other odor-causing bacterias altogether. In some cases, drying and cleaning the property is the only odor-control method needed.

What should I do if odors remain after cleaning and drying?

Stubborn odors can undermine the water damage restoration in your Los Angeles home. It may be necessary to employ more aggressive odor control methods to return your home to its preloss condition. These methods use powerful equipment to disperse liquid or gas deodorants into the affected area. These deodorants can chemically bind with tiny odor particles and neutralize them. Using a gaseous deodorant can help us reach small areas like jointing cracks, light fittings, or venting ducts that may otherwise be inaccessible. When using an ultra-low volume fogger, it is essential to switch off pilot lights or other open ignition and inform the fire department ahead of time- many deodorant solvents can trigger fire alarms. 

What are other pieces of equipment and methods useful for odor control?

- Textiles and upholstery can often respond well to deodorant injections

- Hand-spraying liquid deodorant droplets directly onto fabrics like draperies or surfaces

- Venting Box Fans that can exchange indoor air rapidly

Effective odor control is essential to returning a home to its preloss condition. Contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000.

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Is It Faster to Clean Up Water Damage in Your Los Angeles Home on Your Own?

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yellow moisture meter penetrating a wall SERVPRO provides various types of moisture meters to find those hidden pockets of dampness in your Los Angeles home. "Like it never even happened."

In a city that never slows down, water damage emergencies can be an inevitable situation for many homeowners to face.

There are situations where cleaning your Los Angeles home on your own might be more cost-effective and efficient. Regarding water disasters that can spread quickly through the property, DIY approaches rarely have the widespread impact necessary to successfully remove moisture concerns and dry exposed materials and contents.

Being among the leading water restoration companies for Los Angeles, our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park team has helped hundreds of homes and businesses through water disasters. With so many potential causes for these emergencies, this has become the most persistent and anticipated restoration need for Los Angeles County homes and businesses alike. Our fast response can often slow the spread and severity of water emergencies through containment and the use of air movers and dehumidifiers.

How Can Moisture Pockets Get Identified Beyond the Surface Materials?

One of the risks of DIY restoration and drying after a water disaster is the inadequate removal of moisture concerns. Exposed materials might show the worst signs of damage on the surface where contact was made, but there are often damp areas and moisture pockets that must also get addressed by evaporative drying techniques. Failure to find and dry out these wet areas can lead to worsening conditions like structural deterioration or the development of microbial threats. Locating these problem areas often falls to advanced technologies in our inventory, such as:

  • Moisture Meters
  • Hygrometers
  • Probing Detection Tools
  • Thermal Imagery

While you might find that there are situations where cleaning and restoring your home on your own seems beneficial, this is rarely the case with water damage to properties. Our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park technicians are standing by 24/7 to help at (213) 628-2000.

Where Can I Find Professional Water Extraction Services in Los Angeles?

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Flooding Bedroom Interior “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Specializes in the Latest Technologies for Water Extraction Standing in Los Angeles

In the Greater Los Angeles area, many homes can suffer from structural problems. Whether a condo or a large house, water can cause issues for property owners.

Water damage in your home is one of the most frustrating and destructive problems that you can face as a homeowner. Responding quickly to solve this problem is a critical step in preventing permanent structural and component damage. SERVPRO provides industry-leading water extraction services in Los Angeles.

My Sewer Backed Up, Will That Smell Ever Leave My House?

Sewer Water Contains Hydrogen Sulfide
When sewer water is present, it is crucial to extract the sewer water as soon as possible by pumping, draining, and even mopping it out of your house. You may also need to remove all of the grime and debris from all contact surfaces and wash everything down with hot water and detergent. The process is often quite invasive and too repulsive for most homeowners; therefore, they opt for professional services such as SERVPRO that specialize in biohazard cleanup. Remember: Certified SERVPRO Cleaned for a safe and secure result.

What Are Some Other Things I Should Consider After The Job is Done?

    •    Structural Damage: Anytime standing water is present regardless of time, it poses a risk to structural members of your house. Framing and bottom sill plates should be inspected for damage to ensure the wood is still structurally sound after a large amount of water has wicked into the materials.
    •    Component Damage: Residential housing components that should be inspected and serviced include boilers, HVAC systems, heaters (electrical, natural gas, and fuel oil), fireplaces, insulation, drywall, trim, plumbing, and electrical systems.
    •    Removing Damaged Items: If your home has been subjected to standing water of any nature, removing damaged items such as carpets, drywall, insulation, and damaged framing members is the recommended approach to guarantee your family’s health and ensure the structural integrity of your home. SERVPRO strives to restore and not replace water damaged elements whenever possible.

If you need immediate assistance for this vital and sensitive situation, contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 today and get your standing water problems solved by a professional and 5-star service you can trust to do the job right the first time.

Why Do SERVPRO Technicians Act Quickly to Restore My Property After Water Damage?

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A man pulling carpet padding up from a base board. A trained water damage remediation team can save your carpet if the pad is removed and carpet dried out quickly. Contact SERVPRO after damage.

Water Removal Includes Reduction of Elevated Humidity That Can Damage Los Angeles Homes and Apartments

Los Angeles property can sustain different kinds of damage. Professional water restorers and mitigation experts help owners get their properties back to normal. Water can invade any property from the least expected sources. Too much rain, a broken valve in a water line, quakes, overflowing tubs, and water from the fire department can cause you problems with water inside your home.

If a property in Los Angeles needs water removal services, hiring a professional company can prevent continued and extensive problems. Every minute that water remains in your home, damage continues. Because evaporation begins as soon as water intrudes, no matter the source, SERVPRO does more than just remove the water you see. We also use equipment that collects the moisture that seeped into other areas of your home.

We must work quickly because as materials and belongings absorb water, they rapidly 

  • become stained from colors bleeding and transferring
  • contaminated with microbes and pathogens
  • swell, warp, and distort
  • begin to produce bad smells

Our methods can help prevent these from happening in your home when we begin soon after the event initially took place. Pumps mounted on large trucks pull the standing water out of your home, but we also must continue the process with other equipment. Desiccant machines and air movers work together to rid your property of the extra humidity in the air, keeping further condensation to a minimum. As the interior dries, we also use air scrubbers to minimize the spreading of airborne pathogens.

We can save saturated walls at times, but most often we need to remove the lower section of a wall. When water comes from overhead, ceilings can trap it and hold it overhead. To counteract this, we drill small weep holes into overhead panels of drywall to permit any trapped water to drain into buckets underneath. So air can circulate above the ceiling, we place an air mover, so air forces its way into the space above the ceiling. To fully ensure dryness, we test with moisture meters before, during, and after the job. When readings confirm that we have eliminated all moisture, we do a final walk-through with the customer.

Hiring SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park to perform the water removal work your home or apartment needs helps ensure that complete dryness once again protects your home and belongings from ongoing damage. Our number is local and is always answered to meet the needs of those in our community better. Call us 365 days a year at (213) 628-2000, so we can help protect your property.

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How Will SERVPRO Help When It Comes To My Water Clean Up Properly In Los Angeles?

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A person with green rain boots on standing on wet carpet. Water can seep through the carpets and cause offensive odors and growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

How To Do Water Clean Up Properly

Water damage from a flood is a painful experience, but water cleanup can also be as painful as well. Water can seep through the carpets and cause offensive odors and growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi. If you ignore these problems, it can destroy the foundation and structural integrity of the house. That means, your real estate can lose significant value. With all these problems, we often panic and strive to clean up the damage on our own.

Water cleanup in Los Angeles can be very tricky. This process is not an easy DIY type of job. It requires extraordinary skills and expertise to properly remove the water from your residential area and restore your house. You might have to purchase expensive tools and gadgets to help you with the process. Plus, the whole repair process can be hazardous. If you are not careful, you can easily receive a shock or worse from wet appliances.

Fortunately, with SERVPRO, we can send our skilled technicians to your residential area. Our techs can use state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of the water, detect moisture content, and deodorize your home. They often start with the mitigation process to clear out excess water to minimize additional property damages. Then they can use tools like the moisture sensor to detect water in carpets and walls. The thermo-hygrometer measures temperature and humidity to create an optimum drying condition.

After these processes, the technicians can use an extractor to help clean the carpet and remove excess water from the floor. The air movers can enhance evaporation to reduce the drying time. After that, the skilled technicians can use an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogger to penetrate odor causing residues that have accumulated from the water damage. We also have a thermal fogger to emit tiny particles to neutralize the scent left behind from the water damage. That way, your home can be smelling fresh again. After completing the whole restoration process, our techs can have a complete final walk-through with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

SERVPRO Cleans up the Kitchen After Water Damage

Water puddling on the floor near your kitchen sink demands quick action. An online check for “water removal near me” reveals that SERVPRO can be at your home fast, finding the source and offering a plan to get rid of the water and restore your kitchen fixtures to their pre-leak condition.

The tangle of pipes under your kitchen sink seemed to be doing their jobs until you stepped into that puddle. Reaching out to our team allows professional water damage experts to isolate the problem. Our staff checks for leaks and evaluates the pipes for cracks and unstable connections. Any evidence of blow-back of food debris from the garbage disposal into the cabinet is cause for treating the water removal in your Los Angeles home as gray or black water contamination. The presence of rotting food increases the chance of mold or other microbial growth. Tainted water may be trapped under the cabinet, soaking the subflooring. Deterioration of the floor and any ceilings or walls below the kitchen is possible. Our staff investigates for evident and hidden damage, offering you proven restoration options to return the structure to pre loss condition.

Water removal proceeds swiftly with SERVPRO’s state of the art equipment. Powerful extractors vacuum water from the kitchen floor and the inside of the cabinet. The trim below the base of the enclosure is removable in most cases, and checking there for water accumulation allows for thorough moisture abatement and an inspection for mold or rotting wood. We follow EPA protocol to contain and remove mold colonies safely. Once standing water and any hazardous waste is gone our technicians arrange air movers to continue the drying process. Measurements of humidity levels guide our staff, indicating when the under-sink area and flooring are ready for additional restorative treatments.

Final steps for our crew include cleaning and disinfecting the space under the sink after the plumbing repairs and the water removal. Our staff fixes areas weakened by the water damage with new materials. Flooring damaged is reset or sanded and refinished, depending on type. Wet walls or ceilings under the sink are cleaned, dried, disinfected, and touched up to match surrounding unaffected areas. We strive to leave your home looking as though it has experienced no water damage.

Let SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park answer your water removal needs after a garbage disposal plumbing failure. Operators await your call to schedule a consultation at (213) 628-2000.

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Learn How to Deal with Water Damage in Your Los Angeles Residence

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"we are here to help" SERVPRO is quick to get your water damage under control.

Let us take over the worry of water damage in your Los Angeles home

Water damage can occur because of burst or leaking pipes. Blockages in pipes can cause excessive pressure, which can make them rupture or leak. Water can also ruin wiring in appliances. The presence of moisture can increase the current in the circuits found in modern appliances rapidly, causing a short circuit as the fuse is blown. If a fuse is absent, the wires can heat up, and a fire may start.

Water spreads quickly and can lead to overwhelming destruction to your possessions and the structure of your house. Addressing water damage in your Los Angeles home speedily can prevent additional destruction like mold growth. Mold infestation occurs within 24 to 48 hours after a water intrusion incident. Excessive moisture in your house can cause other issues like wood rot and rust of metallic products. You can do several things to prevent water loss incidents from getting worse. They include:

  • Remove as much water as you can using a shop vac or mop.
  • Remove damp area rugs and other removable floor coverings.
  • Prop up wet furniture cushions and wipe furniture.
  • Lift draperies off the floor.
  • Move paintings, photographs, and artwork to a dry, safe location.
  • Pack the books that may be on shelves tightly so that their pages do not warp.
  • Open drawers and cabinets and closet doors to enhance drying.

Water may also cause damage worth thousands of dollars if it ruins electronics, furniture, and appliances. You can prevent these issues by working with SERVPRO franchise professionals. Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) can facilitate a fast and easy cleanup process because we have expertise in dealing with water intrusion incidents. We offer the following during restoration jobs:

Advanced equipment

We use verified procedures and advanced equipment to extract water and dry a building and its contents. Our technicians use extractors with a pump, heater, and vacuum system to clean carpets and upholstery and to remove water from floors after a water loss incident. We also have effective drying equipment like air movers and refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifiers.

Quick restoration

Our SERVPRO crew can get to your home within an hour of receiving your call. We can then assess the damage and complete the cleanup, drying, and sanitizing process within a short time.

 Full detection

We use moisture detection equipment like thermo-hygrometers, infrared cameras, penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters and moisture sensors to check for hidden moisture. We follow the water from the source to all the areas it flowed to make sure that they are dry.

Reduced costs

Hiring us reduces the total cost of water cleanup. Our goal is to restore your property efficiently and quickly to minimize claims loss expenses.

When you need water damage cleanup services for your residential property, contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000. Our technicians can dry your house quickly and restore it to its preloss condition.

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SERVPRO Removes the Flood and Replaces the Water Heater for Boyle Heights Customer

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

dehu, electrical regular box, and servpro devices  on a floor SERVPRO Provides the Experienced Technicians, Using Advanced Equipment, to Mitigate Water Damage in Boyle Heights Homes

Water Damage in a Boyle Heights Basement Caused by a Water Tank

Imagine waking up in the morning only to discover that your water heater that is in your Boyle Heights finished basement is leaking! Contacting a professional water restoration service should be your first step to help minimize water damage. A reputable restoration company makes all the difference by reducing the exposure time for your furniture and floor.

When you are in Boyle Heights and suffer water damage, SERVPRO is your source of comfort. If the tank rusted and leaked, you should consider hiring experienced professionals instead of a handyman or doing it yourself (DIY). When we arrive at your home, we start by turning off the valve to prevent continued flooding. Then we embark on water removal. You can expect to receive professional advice on whether to repair or replace the tank depending on its condition. Our
General Contractor License #: 999460 and California State License Board (CSLB) #: 999460 indicate our qualifications to complete the job, leaving you with hot water again.  Our SERVPRO professionals can assess the damage to the trim work and the type of flooring in your rec room basement. For instance, if you have installed vinyl tiles, fast action is needed to prevent the individual tiles from losing adhesion to the concrete slab.

SERVPRO WRT water damage restoration technicians can address water situations of different sizes and scopes. We are always ready to take action in restoring your home. Our techs may use squeegees, mops, and buckets to remove excess water. For larger spillage, we can work with portable pumps or wet/vacs for extraction. Our SERVPRO staff can recommend in-place drying depending on the situation at hand. The use of an LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) dehumidifiers to capture water vapor and reduce the interior humidity are vital to returning the water damaged area into its preloss condition. We use air movers to create air currents that sweep moisture off of surfaces to be readily condensed by the dehumidifiers. Air movers improve air circulation to speed up evaporation and thus reduce drying times. Our vast experience and knowledge of water removal help us develop a clear action plan for your basement.

Place your trust in SERVPRO of Silver Lake/Echo Park for your water damage needs.  Call us at (213) 628-2000 now for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Los Angeles, Elysian Park, and nearby areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Water Removal in Los Angeles

2/16/2020 (Permalink)

wet and damaged drywall In some areas, you may need detection equipment while in others, the water damage is plainly visible. Contact SERVPRO to effectively remediate.

Moisture Meters Show Where Damage Exists in Los Angeles Homes

Detection equipment can be a staple of adequate drying and loss recovery for Los Angeles homes. As challenging as reaching the various layers of flooring, drywall, and roofing might be, penetrating and non-penetrating DEVICES can help to give credible information to our restoration professionals to make informed drying decisions. While there is a degree of potential false readings that could result from use on non-wood materials, this is

Meters are often the best indicator of the presence of excessive moisture that might require water removal for Los Angeles properties. While there are dozens of detection devices that our SERVPRO professionals use on water restoration projects, meters are versatile with penetrating and non-penetrating designs. These two types benefit different structural elements and can help to get accurate readings and data from various layers beneath the surface of damaged material. The more accurate the information, the better suited the drying decisions become to restore a property efficiently.

Interpreting data and applying it to the situation is a valuable part of the training and education of our water restoration professionals. Tools with these functions are most often calibrated to register the moisture content of wood materials. These surfaces might include framework, wood plank flooring, cabinets, and other natural wood materials. They can also help to determine a relative scale of moisture content and damage in a point value rather than a percentage.

Drywall can often get measured for moisture content and exposure using these tools, and our SERVPRO professionals must be able to determine the rate of saturation damage on a point value scale rather than the primary percentage scale. These initial readings can get inputted into the DryBook software as a comparative starting point for the drying work to follow to gauge successes. The science of psychrometry eliminates the guess-work as our highly trained technicians carefully monitor the drying process throughout to ensure a dry structure.

Before much of the drying and recovery work can begin in your home after a loss incident, our professionals must determine the extent of the damage. To do this, our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park team relies on exceptional tools like penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters. Give us a call to help you make water losses “Like it never even happened,” at (213) 628-2000.

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Our Technicians Are The Best To Handle Your Los Angeles Flood Damage Restoration

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Two of our drying equipment machines drying this home after a flood We have extensive experience in water damage restoration and the equipment to handle any size job. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Our Professionals Have The Proper Techniques In Los Angeles After A Flood

Waking up to find that your dishwasher leaked all over the kitchen floor is not the best way to begin any morning. After you sop up as much excess water as possible with old towels and rags, it is time to survey the water damage. Hopefully, the tile floors are well-sealed and bonded, creating an effective vapor barrier so that the water was unable to seep underneath the kitchen flooring. However, the spillage may have reached the baseboards and the lower-level kitchen cabinets.

Dealing with water damage in your Los Angeles kitchen requires professional assistance. Since baseboards and cabinets are a hygroscopic material that soaks in more water than tile, it is necessary to draw some of the moisture out of the wood to prevent mold growth and other secondary damage such as warping of the wood. Moisture can also impact the relative humidity in the room, which may lead to water vapors getting into electronics, appliances, and textiles, causing further damage.

SERVPRO technicians determine the moisture levels in wall cavities using a moisture meter. The meter has Teflon-coated, penetrating probes that the technicians use to read the wettest area of the Sheetrock. When the wettest area of the wall void dries after water damage, the rest of the area is also dry. The moisture meter reads in percentages for wood surfaces such as cabinets and baseboards. For precision, our technicians take readings around the home, in dry areas, so we have a baseline for comparison.

In addition to the use of a moisture meter, thermo-hygrometers measure both temperature and relative humidity in the room to determine the specific humidity. The relative humidity needs to be lowered to dry the structure and all the contents. SERVPRO technicians use dehumidifiers to pull water vapor from the air, and simultaneously employ air movers to direct airflow directly into wall cavities to replace moist air with dry air.

After technicians stabilize the relative humidity in the room and dry the wall cavities, our team of contractors (license numbers: General: 999460 and CSLB: 999460) determines a restoration plan for the kitchen. In some cases, the baseboards may be replaced, although restoration is our goal. We make it, "Like it never even happened."

Contact SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park at (213) 628-2000 for assistance. We are available 24/7.

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We Discuss How To Remediate Water Damage In Your Los Angeles Laundry Room

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water damaged laundry room with debris floating “Like it never even happened.”

How To Remediate Water Damage Created By Faulty Plumbing In Your Los Angeles Laundry Room

Plumping can weaken over time and, if something fails, weakened pipes can cause water damage to your Los Angeles home. In your home, your crawl space is connected to your laundry room. When you entered the room with a load of laundry to wash, you noticed the floor felt suspiciously wet.

After some investigation, you found that the water damage in your Los Angeles laundry room was coming from a pipe in the crawl space with a pin-prick sized hole in it. Sometime after the last load of clothes, the pipe had managed to spray enough water into your laundry room to make it feel as if you were walking on the wet floor next to a pool. Naturally, you called for a plumber right away and shut the water off.

However, what can you do in the meantime to help your home?

Here at SERVPRO, we strongly advise for you to reach out for the help of professional water damage restoration services. However, someone on a tight budget might not be able to afford both plumbing and remediation services in one night. Because our experts understand how stressful these situations can be, SERVPRO can help instruct those who would like to take on the task of remediation by themselves. Fortunately, you may only need a few tools, and many households have at least one or two.

To start, SERVPRO recommends for you to remove the pooled water from the room as swiftly as possible. One of the best devices you could use to remove the water from your home swiftly is a wet/dry vacuum. However, it is not always practical to own one.

Instead, you can use a combination of many towels and a mop to soak up the excess as swiftly as possible. Once finished, you can bring a space heater to the room. If you have a dehumidifier, set it up to work in conjunction to help draw excess moisture out of the floor. As the next few days go by, if you notice any splitting in the floor, call for professional help immediately. It could mean the water damage was not adequately addressed.

If you need professional water damage remediation in your home, never hesitate to get help. Get in contact with SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park by phoning (213) 628-2000. Day or night, we're open to aid you.

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We Have The State Of The Art Equipment To Restore Your Los Angeles Home

8/11/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in this home was the result of a water line feed to the hot water heater springing a considerable leak.

The Challenges of Water Damage in Los Angeles Homes 

Understanding the steps that you can take to immediately reduce the severity and ultimate cost of recovering water loss incidents in your Los Angeles home is critical. Every homeowner should have an idea of how their actions can affect the successes of restoration, whether you pursue DIY cleaning and drying for your property or seek the professional approach by reaching out to professionals like our SERVPRO team. 

Without appropriate knowledge of how devastating water damage in Los Angeles homes can become, many property owners overlook these situations and only partially correct them. Regardless of the initial severity of these circumstances, water loss incidents can continue to spread and deteriorate construction materials and structural elements in the affected area. 

One of the first challenges that homeowners ultimately face when contending with water loss effects in their home is the finite amount of time to recover these symptoms before irreparable damage occurs. Protecting these construction materials, for instance, requires top-tier extraction and drying equipment that can remove all saturation concerns and leave only an acceptable humidity baseline throughout the environment and the surfaces affected. This response to the emergency must happen immediately, as prolonged waiting can lead to a compromise in structural integrity and the composition of saturated elements. 

Another challenge property owners contend with is a lack of knowledge of full recovery solutions, leading to missteps and inadequate drying and cleaning. Our SERVPRO team of technicians gets unique training and endorsements through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in both water restoration and structural drying, making us ideally qualified to help with water loss incidents of all sizes. 

Water loss incidents present a substantial risk to area homes, and that is why many have continued to trust our qualified and growing SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park team to help. We have both the skills and the efficient equipment to make water emergencies that threaten your residence “Like it never even happened.” You can give us a call anytime that you need us at (213) 628-2000.

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We Are The Experts You Need When Your Home In Los Angeles Experiences A Water Damage Incident

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

If you find yourself facing significant water removal issues on your property, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park.

Water Removal And Damage Mitigation For Los Angeles Residents

Having water invade your Los Angeles area home can leave you standing in several feet of water. In many cases, a wet-dry vacuum and towels, do not achieve the best results. Luckily, there is a local water removal expert available with trained professionals available to help you get the water out of your home the right way.

The first method professionals use for water removal on your Los Angeles property is extraction. Various types of extraction equipment make it easier to remove water from carpet and other flooring options that might be present in your home. A trained professional can mitigate damage to carpet, upholstery, wood, vinyl, concrete, and even brick by using the proper extraction equipment to remove water fast.

SERVPRO uses extractors of all shapes and sizes to remove water from carpet, upholstery, and drapes. Extractors are also the best option available for removing large amounts of standing water. Most extractors have three components, the heater, pump, and vacuum system. When cleaning carpets or upholstery, all three components come into play. However, in water damage mitigation, the vacuum is the only component needed to remove water.

SERVPRO technicians train with both portable and truck-mounted water extractors. Portable extractors are small enough to be taken into a structure, making it possible to reach smaller areas where water often hides. Truck-mounted extractors have the same components as their smaller counterparts. However, these units are more powerful, making them essential for both water removal and restorative cleaning.

SERVPRO technicians understand that carpet fibers are 50% weaker when wet, which makes choosing the correct extractor for the job crucial. Choosing the wrong equipment can lead to significant damage. However, choosing the right tools can drastically reduce the time it takes to extract and dry larger areas impacted by water in your home. Thorough extraction is 100-times more efficient than even the highest quality dehumidification equipment, making expert use of extractors key to any water removal process.

If you find yourself facing significant water removal issues on your property, call SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park. We can provide you with any personnel, equipment, and resources needed for professional water removal throughout Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, and Chinatown, call today (213) 628-2000.

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Los Angeles Properties Benefit with SERVPRO Fast Water Removal

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Tries to Salvage Wood Flooring After a Water Mishap in Los Angeles--No Matter the Size, We Have the Skills

Professional Water Damage Assistance for Los Angeles Residents

After every natural disaster or appliance breakdown that causes water damage, it is always a race against time as homeowners and businesses work to rebuild their lives and homes. What you do after the flooding of clean water, is what determines how well you can manage the restoration process. In most cases, more damage occurs without prompt water extraction. It is with that in mind that we advise Los Angeles residents to contact us for a professional water damage control.

Many homes and offices that suffer water damage in Los Angeles have some kind of wooden flooring that need special care when drying it. The typical moisture content of flooring materials is about 6% to 12%. After a spillage of significant volume, the moisture levels may rise to 40% or more. Drying the wooden flooring too fast or too slow may damage the wood and cause it to warp, splinter, or shrink. Our SERVPRO technicians are equipped with LGR dehumidifiers that can gradually lower the moisture levels of different materials to their natural levels.

SERVPRO technicians use the two main types of dehumidifiers that are designed for indoor use. These are the Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers and Conventional Dehumidifiers that use a chemical desiccant like silica. They use the LGR dehumidifiers to dry materials with less than 55 grains per pound (GPP) moisture. The LGR dehumidifiers are not only heavy duty, but they are also efficient. When the moisture content is about 55 GPP, they use Conventional dehumidifiers. The Conventional dehumidifiers are standalone and will maintain constant humidity for prolonged periods. They use them to restore your premises after large volumes of water have been removed.

In cases where there are materials or fabrics in your home whose design limits air circulation, SERVPRO technicians can physically place desiccant gels such as silica gel. It can take as much as 40% of its weight when the humidity is at 100%. These are useful in walk-in closets, pantries, and small confined spaces.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park is well equipped and trained to handle all types of water damage. We clean, dry, and sanitize your home to make it safe for your family and friends. Call us at (323) 667-3100 to get immediate assistance. 

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Does Your LA Property Need Help with Water Removal and Drying? Easy Solution--Call SERVPRO

2/24/2019 (Permalink)

Pressurized Water Leaks, Los Angeles Homeowners, and SERVPRO to the Rescue

SERVPRO Helps Protect Homes with Water Extraction Techniques that Get Los Angeles Properties Dry Fast

When your bathroom or kitchen in your Los Angeles-area house sustains a broken pipe, that small break can put hundreds of gallons of water into your home. You need a company who is not only Faster To Any Size Disaster, but who also knows how to get every trace of the crisis back under control.
Protecting your home in Los Angeles means water extraction in a situation like this, including water vapor that can lead to damage weeks or months later, unless removed. SERVPRO technicians, working in teams, remove liquid water wetting your floors, and water vapor from the air. We also use techniques that extract water from the materials in your home, like walls, floors, and where possible, carpeting. Other furnishings, like nearby furniture and personal belongings, can also become saturated when a pipe breaks.
When this happens upstairs, anything in the vicinity over the leak downstairs can also become ruined if left as it is and not given the required attention. We use infrared imaging cameras that reveal where water has traveled via gravity and building materials. We can trace it to enclosed areas, also, and get trapped water released and then extracted.
Our specialists use methods recommended by the IICRC that restore dry conditions quickly and thoroughly. Allowing damp areas to remain can lead to problems with microbial growth, deterioration of materials, and uncomfortable breathing conditions. While some moisture in the air does make a home's environment more hospitable, too much can have the opposite effect. Our moisture meters help us determine when we have achieved optimal conditions in regards to humidity and keeps us from over-drying your home. Our drying goal is typically 35-60% depending on the interior and exterior conditions.
When a pipe snaps and spews water into your home's living area, or a sink overflows, SERVPRO technicians take the time to answer your questions while still working as quickly as possible. Making sure you get the answers to your questions means you understand the work we carry out inside your home, helping you feel more in control of the situation from start to finish. Your satisfaction is crucial to us, so please never hesitate to ask us about the work we do or the equipment we use. We strive to make you feel "Like it never even happened."
SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park is always here, 24/7, year-round, to help ensure your home stays protected from spills, overflows, and broken water lines. If your Elysian Park, Chinatown, or Angelino Heights property sustains one of these situations, call us at (213) 628-2000.

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SERVPRO Can Mitigate Water Damage--Call Us Fast

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

Avoid Severe Water Damage at Your Los Angeles Property--Call SERVPRO Fast!

Water Removal in Los Angeles – Steps To Take Before the Arrival of SERVPRO

Arriving at your Los Angeles home and finding out that your expensive carpet and hardwood flooring are soaking in water is not a pleasant experience. In such a case, the first thing that comes to mind is how did this happen? Within a few seconds, your mind switches to the problem. As a result, you rush from the front door to the kitchen and even the bathroom looking for the source of the problem. It could be a faulty dishwasher, pipe burst or someone left one of the taps running. Either way, this is not the time for you to panic. You must take these few but equally important steps to prevent further damage before SERVPRO water removal experts arrive.

By now you have discovered the source of your problem. Before water removal specialists arrive in your Los Angeles home, shut off the source of water. If the water originated from a faulty appliance or pipe burst, shut off the water from the mains. In case someone left one of the taps in the bathroom or kitchen open, shut it off too. Don’t forget to shut off your electricity. This is very important especially if you have appliances placed on your carpets. However, never attempt this while standing in water, or the circuit panel is wet.

As SERVPRO water damage restoration experts, we recommend you remove area rugs not attached to the floor only if they are not too heavy. Water-logged furnishings and carpets may cause injury while attempting to relocate them away from wet areas. Start mopping and blotting the water as quickly as possible. Doing this may help your hardwood flooring from suffering further damage.

If your drapes are touching the floor, remove them immediately and place them outside to dry. Alternatively, use a coat hanger to loop your drapes. This stops additional contact with the water on your floor.

When it comes to your furniture, blot as much water as you can. Use clean towels to do so. Afterward, place aluminum foil under the legs. This prevents the furniture stain from bleeding on your carpet. For books, photos, art, and other valuables, move them to a dry location, but if wet, no not box them. Circulation may help mitigate water damage. Now, if you immediately called SERVPRO, we are probably already relieving you of these stressful, and potentially injurious tasks. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Remember, do not enter any room with standing water before switching off electricity. Crucial to your personal safety.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park water removal technicians use top quality drying equipment. By doing so, we prevent further damage to your home and mold growth. To save your home and your valuables, call our 24/7 emergency line at (323) 255-1000.

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Tiny Amounts Of Moisture Can Create Water Damage In Silver Lake Properties

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

If you are concerned about your Silver Lake home suffering from the effects of water damage, contact the team at SERVPRO.

Tiny Amounts Of Moisture Can Create Water Damage

Moisture in the air varies greatly, but you can control the amount found in your Silver Lake residence by controlling other aspects. One way to reduce the amount of moisture within your home is to just keep the air at a colder temperature. Using a dehumidifier can also keep things drier in your residence.

If you are concerned about your Silver Lake home suffering from the effects of water damage, our technicians can help you determine the most effective techniques to protect your residence during an inspection. When our team arrives at your home to inspect for signs of water damage, we use infrared thermographic devices. These show fluctuations in temperature caused by the presence of moisture. We use these readings to pinpoint the locations of moisture in your residence's structure.

SERVPRO technicians also use these readings to locate the sources of unwanted water and moisture. Preventing water damage is usually much less expensive than what it costs homeowners to repair and restore their homes once it occurs. Minor leaks can quickly create significant damage, especially if a leaky pipe breaks.

Also, tiny leaks can allow water damage to slowly but steadily develop, making the damage less noticeable while it steadily worsens. Either variety makes your house suffer in ways it should not, and we can help you prevent this damage from happening. If discovered during our inspection, we can remediate any water damage we uncover.

When we perform mitigation services, SERVPRO technicians ensure that the work we perform addresses all areas affected by water damage. When water and moisture create secondary damage such as mold or mildew infestations, we discuss the situation with the homeowners regarding the options available to them. Then, and at any point in our interactions with customers, we are always available to answer questions regarding our services and how they benefit the property.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park helps homeowners around Angelino Heights, Chinatown, and Elysian Park by both preventing and mitigating water damage in homes and businesses. Call us at (323) 255-1000 for all your needs in protecting your home. We answer our emergency services line 24/7 to better serve those in our community.

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Overflows and Pool Malfunctions Could Mean Water Removal Action For Your Los Angeles Residence

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO to Extract the Pool Water from Your Los Angeles Residence

SERVPRO Extracts Water and Mitigates Damage to Structures and Belongings

There are many features of your Los Angeles home that work to make your life a little bit better, but also indirectly pose a threat to your home at the same time. An excellent example of this would be an inground or above ground pool very close to your house. With a bout of severe weather or some other significant damage to the structure of the pool itself, you could be dealing with a substantial amount of water pouring into your home in a brief period.

While you cannot always foresee the precautionary measures you could take to protect your house from an instance like this, often these occurrences happen with next to no warning. Now you find yourself in need of water removal services for your Los Angeles house, and a way that you can restore the damages that it has caused once the water gets extracted.

Our SERVPRO professionals work quickly in extracting the water throughout the entire affected area of your home. Once this water has gotten removed, a better assessment can get conducted determining the full extent of the damage that your home has experienced and what has to happen to restore it back to its original conditions.

While many homeowners would assume that these instances would get considered a loss for both the property and the contents of your home, our SERVPRO technicians can work quickly to pack out the house and remove these items to our nearby facility for item-specific cleaning and drying. All items are tagged for inventory control and insurance purposes. Once these items are safe from the dangers of the water and present moisture, concentrated efforts can begin to dry your home.

There is no telling what kind of damage that substantial volumes of water can do to your home, but our technicians can help you address them all. From extraction and drying to preparing for remodeling and rebuilding, our SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park team is ready to help you. Contact us anytime at (323) 255-1000.

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Common Causes of Water Damage Los Angeles Residents Should Watch Out For

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's expert team can dry out your property quickly to prevent further damage and mold growth.

SERVPRO Can Help Assess Damage and Restore Your Property

One of the most damaging situations your property can ever experience is water damage. Water is corrosive by nature, and that means prolonged exposure can have a negative impact on your home's structural integrity. With that in mind, you can prevent your Los Angeles property from such incidents by discovering signs of household leaks beforehand and acting fast whenever you face related challenges.

Whether the cause of water damage in your Los Angeles home is storm flooding or a broken pipe, our SERVPRO technicians can help you restore your contents to their preloss state. The moment we arrive at your property, we assess the level of damage and then define the scope of the restoration work. That may include performing water extraction, controlling odors, air quality, bacteria contamination, as well as drying surfaces and contents.

Let us begin by looking at the leading causes of water intrusion and the best ways to prevent them. First, plumbing pipes which are usually located directly below the sink can cause hidden plumbing challenges. They in most cases lead to a piping network, which runs around the structure and passes through ceilings, floors, and walls. Our SERVPRO technicians can identify lead problems if they notice a stain starting to establish itself on the wall. Such situations need water damage repair, and delaying can be costly.

Another pointer to look out for is the development of mysterious roof leaks. If your roof has clogged gutters, broken flashing, and missing shingles, there is a possibility of a water pathway developing. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you fix the leaks as soon as they appear to prevent possible mold and mildew growth. If left unattended to, the moisture can steadily eat away the entire roof and cause substantial losses and probable accidents.

Once our SERVPRO team extracts water from the area using wet-dry vacuums and pumps, it is time to dry your property. We can use fans together with dehumidifiers to increase the rate of drying. While fans make surfaces lose water to the surrounding air, the dehumidifiers absorb the excess moisture from the air.

At SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster whether it happened on your residential or commercial property. Call us at (323) 255-1000 and be served by an industry leader.  

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Water Removal From Water Damaged Furniture In Los Angeles

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

In every home water damage situation, SERVPRO professionals begin by identifying the risk factors present in the water.

Water Damaged Furniture

Most homeowners in Los Angeles are usually careful about using coasters, but sometimes a glass or dish that is accidentally placed on a wooden table may collect water and create an unsightly stain. Removing this stain is challenging and can be disastrous if not done well. You may even have to dispose of the furniture altogether.

If your furniture has sustained any form of water damage, SERVPRO can help restore it to its original state. Our water damage restoration experts are available in Los Angeles 24/7, every day of the year. We follow IICRC guidelines in every project to ensure that our methods are up to scratch with industry standards. Our aim is to return all water-damaged items to preloss conditions as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened."

In every home water damage situation, SERVPRO professionals begin by identifying the risk factors present in the water. This refers to the level of pathogens in the water as well as the risk level of contracting a disease from the water contamination. From this end, there are three main types of water damage: clean, gray, and black water damage (from least dangerous to most dangerous respectively).

Upholstered couches and chairs are particularly tricky to clean and dry. In most cases, SERVPRO technicians may have to use a pressure treatment to the pieces using extremely high-temperature water, subsequently killing any pathogens present. After eliminating the disease-causing agents, we proceed to dry the furniture properly. This involves placing them in a room that is fitted with a dehumidifier and air movers.

The air movers should be placed strategically to pass dry (hot) air over the furniture. This causes the moisture to dissipate into the air, where it is captured by the dehumidifier and released outside the house. Certain circumstances may require us to remove the upholstery entirely to ease the process of cleaning, treating and drying.

Wood furniture is similarly hard to clean. Often, the glue or bindings holding most wood furniture together succumb too easily to water damage. SERVPRO technicians can remove those pieces and then clean and dry them before putting them back together. This includes stripping, cleaning, and drying out the finish, and then reapplying it on the furniture. If the piece stays in the water for too long, it may sustain permanent water damage and force you to throw it out.

The best way to deal with water-damaged furniture is contacting an experienced water damage restoration expert. SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park has a wide range of experience in restoring different types of furniture, and we have the resources to return your piece to its original condition quickly and efficiently. Call us today at (323) 255-1000.

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Mitigating Water Damage in Your Los Angeles Bathroom Can Protect the Rest of Your Residence

10/2/2017 (Permalink)

If you experience water damage in your bathroom, call SERVPRO to fix the problem and prevent future damage.

Hiring Professional Water Damage Specialists Can Prevent Future Problems

Water damage in bathrooms is a common feature of many homes in Los Angeles. Often, homeowners try to cover it up to avoid embarrassment when guests visit. Some of the methods used, though, can make matters worse over time instead of fixing the problem.

Sealing up the seams in your bathroom in Los Angeles to prevent additional water damage can backfire. Instead of preventing the problem, water already present behind the shower doors cannot escape. As it evaporates through any available opening or seeps into other places in your home's structure, this moisture is free to cause damage wherever it travels.

Professional water damage restorers can help remedy the problem, eliminating both current challenges and future ones that can develop elsewhere in your home. Water and moisture do not disappear. It evaporates and then condenses in other areas when environmental changes happen. The moisture behind the walls in your shower can eventually make its way into your attic, crawl spaces, or other locations and the make a mess of things there.

Applied heating to the entire surface of your shower walls, in conjunction with an extraction unit designed to remove any evaporated moisture, thoroughly dries the interior wall space around your bathroom. After completely dried on the interior, then it is safe to apply new sealants and keep future showering activities from creating additional damage.

Without correct mitigation of a situation involving water damage, problems can spread to areas that seem unrelated and unconnected to the source. Many believe that water only flows downhill, so only areas below might suffer problems. However, with evaporation and condensation actively occurring in an ongoing manner, water can travel upwards to higher levels or areas of any home.

SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park wants to help ensure that water damage does not have a chance to spread inside your home. Contact us today at (323) 255-1000 to rid your bathrooms of unsightly problems. We are always available to answer your call and to perform any needed work.

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