What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Of all times to have a roof leak, ours started during the worst rainstorm in LA in 10 years.  Water poured in and drenched the whole top floor and drained downed to the lower levels.  We thought our wood floors were lost for sure. We called our insurance and SERVPRO of Silver Lake / Echo Park came in and saved our floors using some type of mat drying system.  The surface had to be refinished, but nothing had to be torn out.  These people know what they're doing.

Very happy with SERVPRO.  The workers were very professional and fast.  Best restoration company in Los Angeles for sure.

I had a bad leak coming from my deck due to it being placed incorrectly when the home was built and it caused water to leak into my neighbors garage. SERVPRO was quick to help me out. They were able to tarp my roof to prevent any more leaks from happening. They demoed the walls and did the mold remediation through out the garage. Once that was completed they put all the walls back and made the garage whole again. I can't thank SERVPRO enough for making such a messy situation so easy to deal with.

During the recent rains I had noticed the paint on my wall was started to bulge in a weird way. A few days passed and it got worse. I had no idea how to fix it but one of my friends recommended I call SERVPRO of Silver Lake and Echo Park. They were able to remove the damaged wall dry out the rest and even repaired the wall. They painted everything and took care of my home like it was their own. They were such professional and informative workers. Thank you so much SERVPRO your workers are so caring!

While my boss was away for business his balcony had flooded and leaked into his office soaking a part of the carpet. I didn't know who to call so looked online and found SERVPRO of Silver Lake. I called them and they were on site within the hour. They lifted the carpet and were able to dry it out in a matter of days. My boss was please to come back to a dry office. I can't thank SERVPRO enough for the amazing job!

Working for a store and coming into my shift to find the carpets in the showroom and floors in he storage area soaked with water was hard to deal with. I had to call my bosses to let them know what had happened. Due to the recent rains flooding was a serious issue. My corporate office called out SERVPRO of Silver Lake and Echo Park. They came in right away and ran me through their process and we were able to keep the store open while they did their thing. By the time they were done you couldn't tell there had been any flooding to begin with. I'm grateful for SERVPRO helping us out!