Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage to an Echo Park Office Suite

The office suite in this Echo Park administrative building on the first floor suffered water damage. The water stains on the commercial grade carpeting were par... READ MORE

Los Angeles Fire Damaged Home

The dryer in the utility room adjacent to the kitchen in this Los Angeles home caught fire. The lint in the trap and blocked exhaust duct ignited and wreaked ha... READ MORE

Silver Lake Bathroom and Unwanted Water

Though the bathroom in a Silver Lake home welcomes water into the tub, sink, and toilet tank, broken water lines can lead to pooling water causing some water da... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke Damage in an L.A. Condo

The service area of this condominium in Lose Angeles was blackened by a fire. The stacked items ignited, causing an oily smoke deposit on an infrastructure area... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Silver Lake Home

Fire damage at this Silver Lake Home was the result of an electrical arc in the wiring in the attic. Some stored items caught fire and began the blaze. The fire... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Damage – Los Angeles Office Building

Commercial mold damage at this Los Angeles office building was caused by a minor roof leak that over time saturated much of the ceiling in this office area. The... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Los Angeles

With all the heavy rain and thunderstorms that came in during the last few weeks, this homes roof had a minor leak that over time began to make the drywall and ... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Destruction in a Silver Lake Commercial Building

A chemical fire in a storage building in Silver Lake led to severe fire and smoke damage. The first photo depicts the cleanup in progress. The water has been re... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Los Angeles Home Office

With all the driving rain coming in the carpet in this Los Angeles home office was soaked due to the balcony flooding and water leaking into the room from ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Los Angeles

Water damage to this Los Angeles home was the result of a burst pipe. The damage was extensive, and the owner chose to call SERVPRO. We immediately dispatched a... READ MORE